Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrapped Wednesday

Considering the holidays are really just around the corner (or a straight-shot to the weekend, actually), I thought I'd make my WW a festive one....sort of...
What is something every girl thinks about around this time?
Something that sparkles?!
Something that shines?!
I mean that in the sequin-glitter way, ladies, as I am not looking for any bling-bling this holiday season, reeeeelax! (You can breathe easy, too, SSB!)

The scarf I am highlighting today has a hint of sparkle and shine and still keeps me warm and cozy no matter the season. It's subtle enough to not look like I purchased it from a teeny-bopper store, but bold enough to make a statement no matter the outfit pairing.

Ombre Scarf from Express
I bought this as a birthday present to myself (don't we all do that?!) and have loved it dearly ever since. It literally makes any outfit look that much better. The two-tone effect gives it even more wearability, as well, so this bad boy is a front-runner on the wall of scarves. The others are jealous of its sparkly attitude, it's clearly a diva......
{I know the bottom two don't look like it, but the ends are looped through -- the effect usually looks very polished & not quite as plain as it is portrayed in the above photos, my bad!}

The "T" Tie -- Very simple but gives a very polished effect, too!
1. Wrap the scarf around your neck once (the classic way)
2. Bring both ends up into the loop and pull them through.
3. Adjust as needed!
(Sometimes I tie the loops after or even "twirl" the circular part to give a braided effect.) I said, simple but polished. This has been my recent go-to style!

I am hoping Santa is nice this year and brings me a new scarf or two for the collection. Perhaps my next "WW" will be a new scarf that was a Christmas can only hope ;)

Until next time, hope you're keeping warm and wrapped up this Wednesday.......................


  1. this scarf is awesome!!!!! Why have I not seen this at express?? & of course we all buy ourselves a birthday gift!!

    xo Jackie

    btw I just saw your comment on my page and had to google lauren conrad's string of lights mani and I'm OBSESSED!!! I might have to try it tonight!

  2. MAN I love that colour. Call me a sucker for anything olive/jade/ombre/sparkly.

  3. That's so pretty! Love the colors and the loopty doo you've done.

  4. What a gorgeous color!! I love the olive with the ombre effect!

  5. A scarf with sparkles? Automatic love. Way cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. I love your scarf-tying tutorials! You'd be proud - I've done some experimenting and have branched out a little form my normal boring wrap.


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