Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Friday - SS Santa Edition

How long has it been since I've done one of these?
Don't answer that.....

....I think I stopped because they just got monotonous, fo reals.
Seeing as how it is dangerously close to Santa's arrival, though, I thought maybe I'd do a mini wish list for my classic "Five Friday" post -- bring it back with some Christmas class, ya dig? ;)

Christmas dies a little when the fat red-suit man is no longer real and when your parents stop asking for a "wish list" (which mine still do, but not nearly to the feverish extent in former childhood years) BUMMER, seriously. This holiday really has sneaked (yeah, not snuck!) up on us this year, so I've had little time to consider my gifting options. Below are five that I would be happy to give or better yet...receive for myself, bitches!

1. Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil Travel Size Set of 5 in NAKED
Why not receive a gift that goes with the greatest eye palette of all time?! I think having mini neutral liners from UD would be an amazing gift. I would love to try these out, too, as I have never purchased one of the 24/7 pencils before. I know, I hear your hushed gasp of shock! Buttttttt, dear sisters, if you're reading, take note. Please & Thank You!
{I think they come in a great size, too, a serious deal!}

2. Ray-Ban Classic Aviators or Wayfarers
I am terrible with sunglasses, so I'm the classic girl who "doesn't deserve nice things." However, I love these sunnies so much, I would consider taking extra good care of them if someone was extra nice enough to give them to me (cough cough, SSB!) -- I would like the gold aviators or the classic black know, because I'm clearly a badass.
{Ray-Ban knows their shit, for sure!}

3. Fur Throw Blanket
After seeing one of these bad boys at Marshall's recently (which, bee tee dubs, I've become obsessed with their home section as of late!), I had to have one....but didn't really feel like buying it. They are awesome, though! So many color options; a dark brown one with a plush side in addition to the fur. They also had one, though, that was a wild sandy fur color that was out.of.control, hunny! It would look bananas in my bedroom and I'd do Rachel Zoe so proud....and not only because I just used two of her catchphrases!
{Look, this one already comes with a nice bow for wrapping!}

4. New iPhone Case
I feel like I think about "needing" a new case more often than not. Really, I'd be fine and completely content without a new one....had my recent case not just committed pocket suicide. I pulled it out in a rush and the side (that was super-glued shut) caught my pocket & snapped to an unfixable point. I would consider repurchasing the same one (Andy Warhol's print of an old telephone) but wouldn't mind getting a new one that was a bit girlier. I currently have an EIGHT dollar one from ON (feels like highway robbery) that looks like an old cassette tape....pretty badass, but I could still use another option ;)
{DVF knows her clothes and now she does the iPhone beautiful justice, too!}

5. New MBMJ Watch
I love the one I already have, but I could always use a gold/rose gold option for those accessory days where a silver watch just isn't vibing with the rest of my outfit. Girl problems are so tough! I love simple watches, not into bling-tastic ones, but it needs to be masculine. I hate small watches. Yuck city. I mean, I'd be pretty freaking content with the one below!
{Love the two-tone style, simple but sleek}

This could sound totally bitch-tastic, but that was a fun "Five Friday" to do! Now that I got to write my own Christmas list, I feel much more into the holiday spirit. Granted, my family and friends have most likely finished their shopping already, but I'll be sure to keep these items in mind when I'm out shopping for myself that wrong of me? Probably. Do I care? Definitely not.

Until next time, I hope you are also diving whole-heartedly into the holiday season. I will be back to show some weekend pics of SSB and myself in awesome Christmas attire...............


  1. I've never used a 24/7 liner either! I've never been tempted until this naked set!! And OMG I've been thinking about a fur throw too...not sure my house can pull one off though haha!

  2. Love all of these things! I still have to try the UD liners!

  3. This is a great wishlist! :D I think I want everything on it, haha!

    Have a wonderful weekend! //Niina

  4. I want some classic Wayfarers too! I've never tried any on, but they always look so cool on other people.


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