Tuesday, December 27, 2011

These Shoes were Made for Walking....on NYE!

I have seen so many shoes that would be perfect twinkle toe options for the upcoming festivities of ringing in the new year, so I thought I'd share my favorite ones with you today to get you into the spirit of walking into 2012 with serious style!

glitter gals

GLITTER HEELS. Duh, most obvious choice ever to grace our feet! They pair with just about any outfit so long as it is in solid tones and minimal on the shine and sparkle....we don't want to look like a complete disco ball....at least that's not the look I'm going for!
-a great LBD
-a red skirt and black top
-solid gold dress
-jeans/jewel tone blazer
bright lights
BRIGHT PLATFORMS. Considering you cannot pair your glitter heels with a glitter dress (unless you want to look like you've been dipped in a vat of sparkles), you'll need to pick another pair of shoes. I have heard that platforms are slowly falling out of style (noooooooo!) but before the new year hits, bring out your red or blue heels to pair with a solid dress to give a great pop of color. Any jewel tone works during the holiday season, so a cobalt blue or great ruby/burgundy color would be perfect.
-a glitter dress
-black tux pants & white collared shirt with a bow-tie (Kardashian "Khristmas" card?!)
-jeans & a sparkly jacket

wild walking

LEOPARD WEDGES. So fierce, so ridiculously cool, you'll be the best badass anywhere you choose to party on NYE. I would stray from anything shiny or sparkly when wearing these shoes, though, as the combination should be left with the girls being paid to walk the streets that night!
-lace sleeved LBD
-burgundy top & skinny leatherette pants
-cropped skinny jeans & a muted gold sweater
patent heels

PATENT BLACK BOOTIES. I am usually not a fan of patent black, as most shoes look cheap in this fashion (unless, of course, they aren't actually cheap). Something about a pair of patent booties looks very androgynous, though, which always wins in my fashion book!
-bright tights & a that LBD (always a go-to!)
-dress shorts (in a fun hue!), black tights, white blouse
-black skinnies, ruby sweater, black jewelry

Regardless of your shoes--or outfit--choices, be sure to have a fun, safe, and extremely enjoyable new year's eve....looking forward to seeing NYE outfit posts!!

Until next time, let's rock out these last few days of 2011.................


  1. I reeeeally want a pair of glitter heels for my LBD that i'm wearing!

  2. I am a big fav of the bright light collection you did! I think these would be a very unique choice for nye. I just wish I could wear any heels on nye, instead I will be rockin' slippers at my house :(

  3. I love glitter pumps! I have seen so many as well! I also love the bright lights shoes! I think I am going to be rockin' a tried and true pair of peep toe booties that would fall under the shiny & sassy category!

  4. I looooove glitter heels. Anything sparkly is a big YES in my book.

    Alas, this year I'm not doing anything for NYE. We're going to New Orleans the following week for the BCS Nat'l Championship, so we're laying low until then.


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