Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Friday - Resolutions!

Now that we've moved through Christmas and are SO very close to 2012, I thought I'd do a Five Friday of the resolution know, those things we all say we will totally do...and before the calendar even reaches the middle of January, we've already failed.
Admit it, we all do this.
Admit it, we all don't really care.

Well, this year, I do. Sort of. Kind of....I mean, I'm going to try!

2012 Resolutions! (Sort of....)

1. Fit into my bridesmaid's dress. No, this is not a strict, LOSE WEIGHT CHUNKER (whooo you callin' chunker?!) resolution, but rather, I need to tone my ass up (or really, my tum tum) before the wedding. It's in May. Calling all Richard Simmons, Jillian Michaels, and Tracey Andersons.....give me your best shot, I'll do my best not to cry in the shower after.
{"she'll never forgive me for skipping those crunches, 
did you hear the way she was screaming at me?!"}

2. ALWAYS eat breakfast. I know, they say a Starbucks latte every morning is not a breakfast meal, but it is to me...or has been for a solid two years now. I eat breakfast on the weekend....sometimes. I need to go out and buy some good "grab and go" breakfast items, so let me hear your healthiest favorites! I can microwave it at work if need be, too, so what is your favorite quick meal?
{starbucks still has to be a part of my "balanced" breakfast....}

3. Keep my car clear of h2o bottles. Yeah, it sounds like a pathetic resolution, but you have probably not seen the passenger floor of my car, it's a disaster zone with half-filled bottles....and lots of them. Seeing as how I have myself a NEW CAR (said in my best Price is Right voice), I think I should kill it with the white trash bottle look and keep my new whip looking fly & fresh.
{i want to say i feel like a straight ganstahh in it, but it's more girly than 
anything - lighted speakers & hands-free controls, though, baboom! 
oh & my keys will never be bulkier that that, hate that look!}

4. Drink TWO bottles of h2o everyday. Hahahahaha I laugh at my audacity to state such a bold thing. Again, another sorry excuse for a resolution, but I am a terrible water drinker. I just don't like the stuff! However, I know it's absurd of me to not drink it, so I plan on making it taste good at know, get rid of that, ugh, water taste. It's awful, really. However, if I can pull off this resolution, then maybe #3 won't be so hard to overcome, too! Genius, I tell you!
{should I just add these to my water, are they any good?!}

5. Actually keep my above resolutions. Hey, go with me on this one. If I follow this resolution, then I just followed every other resolution on my list. It's double the guilt if I make this resolution and don't follow through with the others, sooooo hopefully this one results in my (sort of) resolutions becoming a (definite) reality. Right? RIGHT?! Well, we'll see......

There you have it, my Five Friday -- resolution style! I hope you all realize these are not truly my big goals of 2012, but a list of things that are absurd and easily fixable and prove how ridiculous I am. Hope you have a list of these too ;)

For now, I cheers to you and yours and hope you have the best of times in 2012. I will be back "next year" to discuss my adventures in 2011 and share some photos, too!

Until next time, have fun watching that big ball drop (that came out terribly wrong)...........................


  1. Those are great resolutions! Mine is to learn how to cook haha. It's getting to a point where I just really need to learn how to!

    Have an amazing new year's!

  2. I made a list of resolutions on my blog today too! I should have added drink more water on mine, or just drink water period. Water is just sooo boring. Also I should have added eat breakfast, I count my 2+ cups of coffee every morning as bfast ...and lunch sometimes. Here's to new resolutions! lol

  3. good luck on keeping your resolutions I'm mentally making my list but I know I won't keep it so why even write it down! lol

    & love the keeping your car free of water bottles! Mine is an absolute bottle graveyard too

    happy new year!
    xo Jackie

  4. I'm such an evil breakfast skipper too. I've read a few things about like, oatmeal/granola breakfast cookie-type things that you can make and keep for a few days...but don't quote me. If I had a car it would probably be filled with McDonald's large fry cartons. You're welcome to judge =P

  5. I am a huge fan of toneitupcom on Youtube for workouts. They have a new one every Tuesday and they will kick your ass without making you want to cry. I've seen loads of body changes in just three weeks, that P90X can kiss my ass because it didn't work as fast.

    Breakfast...I'm bad, too. Special K protein shakes are good, even if it's a drink. Um, their cereal is good, too, if I remember. I'm not a big brekkie person, either!

    As for water, get a cute one that you can keep refilling. Won't clutter your car and if you carry with you, you'll keep it full (maybe). They have these cute ones called Bobbles ( that filter the water you put in it! So nasty tap water (I hate it, okay? Mine is FILTERED) becomes lovely drinking water!

  6. love your post, your freaking hilarious! Hope you have a good New Years xx

  7. These are great resolutions! I make pretty simple ones each year as well, just to make my life easier really, and are more little minor improvements I could work on.

  8. The caption of that first picture made me laugh sooo hard! I need my own personal Jillian Michaels screaming at me when I work out... otherwise I just get super lazy and take too many "water breaks."


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