Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Crafts with a GUEST BLOGGER

Considering I have very few crafty bones in my body (& the ones I do possess are pathetic, at best), I've asked one of my dear blogging buddies to conjure up some holiday crafts to get everyone thinking of snow, sugar plums (what are these anyways?!), and Santa!

If you've never had the pleasure of checking out her blog, please do so to thank her for giving you such fan-tabulous craft ideas to make sure your holiday is bright ;)

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Hello everyone! I am so excited to be a guest blogger on SS's amazing blog! I am the writer behind Little Ramblings. I love fashion, makeup, music, movies, etc., and you can find all of this and more on my blog! Today, I will be sharing some of my crafty DIY centerpieces to help you prepare for the holidays!   

Cranberries & Pebbles.
This first centerpiece is my favorite. It is simple and so elegant. Another plus about this centerpiece is how affordable it is! I bought the vase and glass pebbles at The Dollar Store, so that's a grand total of two dollars. I picked up the cranberry branches at Jo-Ann Fabrics last year so I am not certain of the price, but I believe they were on sale for about one or two dollars. They can be found at any craft store, too!
{This decorative piece would be a great centerpiece, but it could also be placed 
on a mantle, side table, or even in a bedroom for a sleek and simple decoration.}

Pinecones & Ornaments. 
These two items are not just for the trees. I love the idea of incorporating the outdoors...indoors. There are so many options when it comes to this decoration. You can use a variety of containers (vase, basket, tin box) and mix & match what you put inside of each!
 {I love pinecones and the rustic feel they provide. By adding simple, solid colored ornaments, a chic and simple ensemble is created. My favorite design is the vase with pinecones and ornaments. I love mixing gold and red together. They are the perfect holiday colors for anything and everything. This would look gorgeous on a table with a couple candles surrounding it. Very romantic! You could also place these decorations on a bookshelf, side table, or any nook and cranny that could use a little holiday cheer!}

Bright & Beautiful.
I love the bright and cheerful colors of this decoration. It might be the simplest project because you probably already have what you will need lying around your house already. All you need is a giant bowl and ornaments of your choice!

{The colors and designs on the ornaments remind me of something Cindy Lou Who would put together in The Grinch. The giant glass bowl makes just as much of a statement as the bright baubles. I picked up these beautiful ornaments at The Dollar store, as well! That place has some great stuff if you spend some time looking. I picture this piece in the middle of a table filled with snacks and treats to add a little extra glam. It would also make for a fun centerpiece!}

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY post! I would love to see your versions of these centerpiece ideas! I hope you have a great holiday season! Thanks again for having me SS!

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Thank YOU so very merry much, Little Ramblings, for spreading holiday cheer on my blog today. I love these ideas and will do my darn best to incorporate them into my Christmas decor! My personal favorite decor item this season (aside from presents under the tree!) is a Christmas tree candle! I absolutely love the scent of a fresh tree and am glad candle companies jar that shit up so I can have it before our actual tree is cut down and put into our home! (Which is happening later today, woot!)

Until next time, check out my blogging buddy's page and have a very merry time utilizing your Christmas crafts...........


  1. Love the pinecones and ornaments! That's so pretty!

  2. I'm usually so bad at DIY decorating, but this looks so easy!

  3. Great ideas! i'm not good at DIY stuff, but I think I could handle these! I already do the pinecones-in-a-bowl-with-ornaments thing.

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