Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fav-tober Time!

Is it me or did that just make me sound like I was talking in a baby voice? Maybe? Sorry, not my intention, not trying to pull a Khloe Kardashian Odom moment here!

Hi friends! Happy first day of November, or as I like to see it, "54 days until Christmas" or even "54 days to figure out what the hell to buy everyone without going broke!" (My pal, The Procrastinator titled her blog posts for her favorites as this, futher proving we are long-lost friends -- also proving I wrote this as a draft....blast, I've been caught. This is me.............not caring, though. At least I came back to update it with something fun at the end!....maybe?)

Anywhoooo, I am very lazy this week (hello, wrote this as a draft, after all!) and have created a somewhat lackluster list of what I lusted after (see what I did there?!) this month.
On the whole lazy kick, too, I totes stole these photos from Google....I mean, I just wasn't into taking creative photos for four favorites......my bad, bloggers, my bad. At least I put them into a nice collage for you?!

1. Fit Me! Blush in Deep Rose- Great buildable color, goes well with my new hair hue! NARS Orgasm took a backseat this month.
2. Salted Carmel White Mocha Latte - I don't even need to explain why this is a favorite....just read the freaking name. (It's orginally just mocha, but I despise that bitter flavor, so I opt in for the sweeter white mocha instead!) I get it without the whip, though, seeing as how I cannot stomach whipped cream from Starbucks. SSB is the one who told me to swap out the mocha for the white mocha....he just gets me, that boy.
3. Toasted & Hustle from NAKED - I wore these colors for most of the month, easy to swipe on, good colors for late fall.
4. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster - Lifesaver, period. End of story. Damn you colder temps! I recommend this for anyone having less-than-wonderful dry skin issues. (Totes stole the bottle from my sis after using the sample packet...whatevs.)

BONUS! (not photographed)
5. My New "Vanity" - I got a bigger desk to act as a vanity and it has so much more space for all things girly. I love it. I actually will be doing a post on said vanity and random organization tips, so look for that this week!

I'll leave you with a photo of my new 'do that I just got done today! -- this is my (or my stylist's) third attempt at a new color ...I went about 5 or 6 weeks since the last one (and I really did love the last color choice) but decided I wanted to do more brown than red this time around....more "espresso" than "red velvet" (I don't know, what other food is red?!)........aaaand this is the result!
 {old hair photo is my previous color faded about six weeks, my bad!}
{sorry for the bad photos, using the ol' iPhone....}

Happy November everyone. I look forward to the next four and a half fantabulous weeks, so bring it on eleventh month of the year!

Until next time, farewell lovahs.......


  1. Yum I love starbuck's =D
    OH WOW Love the new hair color!
    It looks amazing on you!
    Little Petite

  2. Your hair look absolutely gorgeous! Darker colour really suits you,especially now in Fall/winter time! xx :)

  3. i just found your blog via the follow fest [i'm a little behind the times] and i love it!

    i too go a little too long before re-coloring my hair. but i love the new look!

    happy humpday! i can't wait for the weekend!

  4. I am going to Starbucks today to get that drink!!

  5. Yes new hair!! Loving it :) you look gorgeous!

    And ummm Starbucks salted caramel goodness?! I'm so in love right now! I can't believe my pumpkin spice lattes have taken a back seat this year.

  6. omg brilliant -- white mocha! I really wanted to like the salted caramel but it just wasn't doing it for me...I'll try it white this time! What would I do without you =)

  7. and because i didn't scroll down before seeing your new hair -- I LOVE ITTT you BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER BUDDY! It's exactly what I pictured in my head for you!

  8. Love the new hair! You also reminded me that I desperatly need to dye my hair again, dark roots are no bueno!

  9. Pretty hair!
    I've been wanting to try the FIT blush. I hated the foundation because there was no coverage at all for me, but the blushers are so pretty.
    Is Hustle brown on you? Or have you been able to make it stay that pretty dark cranberry-like shade? It's stupid brown on me and I just want to bite it.
    Starbuckssss, how I wish I could drink caffeine! :[

  10. so glad for this review! i've been wanting to try the fit makeup!

    and your hair looks amazing!!

    oh and you are like the 900th person touting this nex sbux drink - MUST.TRY!

  11. I was just thinking of ordering that blush on ulta.com, but after reading this post I am convinced that I have to have it. =)

  12. The Hydrating boosters sounds like exactly what I need right now. It's not even that cold here and my skin is already going crazy. Can't wait to see what happens in January! Haha. Seriously - I need some hydration PRONTO.

    Love the new hair! LIke I said, you're one of those rare people who looks good in EVERY hair color. Insane.


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