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Can you believe it is the last day of October? Really, if there wasn't a holiday on this day, I think I would have completely forgotten about October ending and woke up on Tuesday like it was just another day in the tenth month. Pretty much like when I wake up in a panic at 6:15am on a Saturday not realizing I'm not late for a gosh darn thing. So I'm not the best with times and dates...whatever.

BEFORE we get into the costumes portion of this post, you must first go to my blogging buddy's page because I did a guest post over there on fantabulous cold-weather coats! Woohoo to guest posting and YAY to Little Ramblings who asked me to do it -- love her, love her blog, love love love all around.
Go read it, go follower her, goooooo go go!

Alas, it IS Halloween and I am here to share with you photos of SSB and I from the Halloween party we attended over the weekend.

Now, if you are an avid SS reader (then I stinking LOVE you...), you may know that SSB and I were clueless when it came to picking a costume this year. I did a solid two or three posts where you all could vote....well, we went with NONE of those. Don't be offended, dear readers, it was our (mine & SSB's, that is!) fault and our fault alone...we just don't see eye to eye on creative things in life.........until we have alcohol in our system and encouragment from bartenders. Yeah, I just went there.

We were mulling it over in our minds, thinking about what we could possibly to do to top our costume last year. Well, we realized we couldn't top it, so that was that.
Then we thought about what the people at the party would enjoy, what they'd recognize, what they'd be impressed by. Then I named the wrong superhero/woman because I'm clueless in the department of nerdiness, which then turned into the following conversation/debate....

SSB: "Wait, you should be her!"
Me: "Seriously?! There's no way, she wears latex...."
SSB: "Come on, they'll love it, it's a great movie...."
(At this point the bartenders hear, they like the idea, encouraging us to do it.)
Me: "I don't know, it's get to be covered up, too, that's not exactly fair."
SSB: "What other choice do we have?"
Me: "We have lots of choices where I don't have to wear a bathing suit!"
SSB: "You'd have to buy a wig, too, I think."
Me: {thinking for a solid five seconds} "OH! You're right....ok, I'll do it!!"

FINAL DECISION: Watchmen Characters - Silk Spectre and The Nite Owl   
(Silk Spectre hooks up with The Nite Owl once leaving the big blue dude, Dr. Manhattan...
I swear I'm not a loser nerd.....)

So.....if you haven't ever seen the film or read the graphic novel version of it, watch the below trailer to get an idea of who we chose to be. (Seriously, the trailer is badass, watch it....) -- Rent/buy/pirate the movie, people, it's good, it's a movie even this girl-tastic girl loves watching! It's set in an alternative 1985 and, holy shit, my character has killer outfit choices when she isn't wearing latex!
{my character shows up in the :57 mark and SSB's dude shows up at 1:03.....
in case you really don't feel like watching the whole thing!}

And if you really didn't even want to click play on the trailer (shame on you!), here are the movie posters featuring our characters.... WE are as those characters.....
{I mean, let's be real, I could not possibly fight crime in this outfit!} 
{The garters make it instantly risque but I assure you all body parts were
covered that should be covered....just a little leg action for ya!}

{the black hair made my blue peepers really stand
out in person....but the bangs, NOT a fan....}

The costumes seemed to be a big hit, but that's because we played to the party guests' strengths, we knew a ton of people there would be allll over a good comic book/graphic novel couple costume! And, damnit, we were right! 
The party was a lot of fun and I am glad we chose these costumes. Now I guess I have to become some sort of cat burglar or nighttime crime watcher just so I can wear this outfit again and get my money's worth!

PLEASE post your photos of your costume(s), I love seeing other people's choices!
I will leave you with my teacher OOTD for this's a doozy.
ummm HELL YES I wore this around all day....walked in this morning with it on like it was no big deal. Kiddos loved it...well, some were "too cool" to appreciate a good panda hat. High schoolers, psshhh.

Teacher OOTD : Target Blazer, Target White Tee, Black Cigarette Pants (boutique in college), F21 heels (for the "bamboo" effect, since you know, pandas eat that shit up.)

Happy Halloween to all, and until next time, I hope you all have had a wonderful October........


  1. OMG!!! Those costumes are AMAZING! I have totally seen that movie and loved it! I am a superhero/comic hero movie fan... or nerd. :) Great job on the costumes! And thanks, again, for being my very first guest blogger!

  2. Omg freaking LOVE your guys' costumes!! Ya'll did a great job!

  3. OMG you lied on twitter when you said it wasn't that epic! it's AWESOME!!! I LOVE that movie!!! Not to mention that after this wig methinks you should go DARKER. Not black but like, ...Anne Hathaway (conveniently, the new batgirl) dark. DO ITTTT.

  4. Love the costumes!

  5. dang homegirl! amazeball costume! you killed it!!

  6. Wow, I love the way you look in the Costume! Huge fan of the movie! You're right black really makes your eyes stand out! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  7. I somehow missed this post which is not acceptable! Sorry! Your costume looked great!

  8. AWESOME costume. I love the hair too. You can seriously pull off any hairstyle, and that makes me super jealous.

    I didn't even dress up this year. My friend (and blogging buddy) was getting married the weekend before Halloween and I had to work on actual Halloween, so there were no parties for us to get dressed up for :(


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