Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trick-Or-Treat : Halloween Beauty

I have already mentioned this holiday in other posts, considering SSB & I were practically hopeless in finding a costume this year, but we did find ones finally & I'll be sure to share the photos with you in due time, but today I'd thought I'd share some of the beauty items that surround this hellish holiday. Some are things I am frightened of and others are items that I am batty over.....yeah, I did just used TWO puns in that last sentence. You're jealous, I know, it's fine, I understand.....

{I'd clearly make for one horrible vampire/zombie hybrid...}

Face Makeup from Halloween Stores - UGH, as much as I love a good face of fright on Halloween, I refuse to use the makeup that comes in those plastic-wrapped concoctions sold at Halloween stores all over. I don't care how "white" it will make me my skeleton face or vampire skin, I will not use it! It's packed with more shit than Casey Anthony's trial and I don't want to start November with a disgusting excuse for a face.
Rubber Masks - First of all, I don't like having a mask on for Halloween because it inhibits my drinking ability....something you really do have to consider when you make a killer witch's brew! Honestly, how many times have you "tried on" the mask so your friend can snap a photo of you and tag you on Facebook? Yeah, well, multiply that by, oh I don't know, TWENTY and that's how many people have also done the same thing....meaning you're rocking a rubber mask all night that's covered in other people's grossness. Did I just make you uncomfortable? Good, because it make me uncomfortable thinking about it, too! Avoid a mask if you can...and if you can't, sanitize the SHIT out of that thing before you wear it....and give your skin breaks, too, during the night or you'll be regretting that sweat fest in the morning. The only time a mask is acceptable is for those college gals who need to make the "walk of shame" back to their place in the morning after their romp in the sheets with the one of the "Village People" they met the night before. God, I miss seeing those hot messes! I was never one of them.....nope, definitely not, never.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Limited Edition Halloween
- A super adorable and fashion-friendly way to show off your holiday spirit! My personal favorites are  Numbskull, Ghoulie Girl, and Spun on You (I checked to make's just webs, no spider drawings, phew!)
False Lashes - The perfect excuse to look like a hot tranny mess and you're going to pass up on the most ridiculous falsies? Bad move, sister. This is such a great and easy way to amp up your Halloween face, and with so many to try (NYX, Revlon, etc.), there's no way you can't find a pair to complete your peacock or can-can dancer look. I don't know, they were the first two costumes that made me think, "Yeah, bitch, you need yourself some falsies!" The crazier, the longer, the faker, the better!

There you have it, two TRICKS and two TREATS to bring you into the holiday - I look forward to seeing everyone's costumes online as the parties get underway!

I'll leave you with the recipe of the Witch's Brew SSB & I brought last year to our shindig and will being doing the same this tasty! We bought a plastic cauldron and a fake bloody hand and glued the hand to the top of the cauldron, which held the spoon. Oh, stop, I know, we're genius ;) Not really, but we thought we were being crafty! We also thought it was crafty to buy body part gummies to put in the brew....until they grew huge and were so soggy they were nearly inedible. I mean, we're not pros in the craft department, people, give us a break......

--1 (6 oz.) package of lime gelatin
--2 cups of boiling water 
--3 cups of chilled pineapple juice
--1 (2 liter) bottle of chilled Sprite/Sierra Mist/Ginger Ale
--2 cups chilled vodka (....or, you know, 5 cups works too)
Directions: Pour gelatin into large bowl, stir in the boiling water & keep stirring for about 2 minutes (work it out!).  After it's completely dissolved, stir in the pineapple juice. Add chilled bottle of soda pop and vodka, mix until blended. Super easy!!

Until next time, farewell ghoulish gals (ok, this post has had far too many puns and cheesy statements!)...........


  1. Ugh i totally agree about that gross halloween paint...that should NOT be allowed to be put on the face!

  2. Grrr Halloween paint. Just asking for a skin condition. This punch sounds deeLISH -- must try!

  3. I am all for the false lashes and those nail effects! Masks on the other hand...ew. I had a duck bill last year and that thing lasted me about 20 minutes before it was removed. My cups would just not fit around it ;) The picture of you above is awesome!!


  4. I LOVE fake eyelashes. I will use any excuse to wear them!

    Witch's brew sounds delicious! I would definitely go with more vodka, haha


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