Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Funday Gameday

Ok, so Gameday isn't actually one word, but guess what, Funday isn't a word at all, so there!

I'm not sure if it's the uber-girl in me refusing to deter from all things glam, but I'm not the type who rocks a jersey and sweats on game days unless I'm at home in the comfort of my bed.
This post idea came to mind as I was visiting my alma-mater this weekend and saw a plethora of far too many bad outfit choices.

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy supporting my team(s) during the weekend, even if it doesn't include an oversized jersey (I do own a kid's size PSU one that I rock under a cute jacket every so often, though!), so here are some outfits for you other girl-tastic ladies out there who want to show team spirit without looking like you stepped out of your boyfriend's/brother's/dad's closet!

I'm using PSU & Steeler colors....I mean, I'm not one to reveal my hometown or the state where I live (hello! most of you don't even know my name!), but this may or may not have just totally outed me. MAY OR MAY NOT, people.

we are......penn state!
#1 - Nautical meets equestrian meets PSU fan...a great pulled together look for an alumnus who doesn't want to blend in with the overly drunk juniors and seniors (and freshman and sophomores.....) but still show support for their favorite team.
#2 - Rainy game days are bound to happen, and most of the time they are cold. Add a sherling-lined jacket, wellies, and a cozy hat to keep warm but still look cool (yeah, I went there, cheese-tastic!)
#3 - A preppy look but with a boyish feel. Swap out the Sperrys for cute heels and toss the hat aside to transition this look into night.

& now for the city with more rings than yours ;)
#1 - For the fan who wants to play the card of, "Oh, there's a game today? And I already am sporting the colors? Well, go me!" When, in reality, you planned that shiz, be honest!
#2 - Again, another cold game day look. The boots, leather jacket, and leggings are always "tough chic" but the hat balances out the outfit to make you look like anything but a fairweather fan. (Cheese-tastic again!) Really, though, I need that hat!
#3 - This is similar to PSU's first look - a blazer and boots pull the look together, the t-shirt adds a casual feel, and the printed scarf shows your style still didn't go to the way-side just for game day's sake!

There you have it! Now you can use those same outfits and change in purple, blue, green or whatever your team colors may be -- they're casual and chic ways to show spirit without being like the rest of the crowd with their foam fingers and painted faces (or hairy painted stomach, vomit). It may be the (used to be) cheerleader in me who wore skirts while others wore homemade Hanes tees for the football games, but I like being put together even during football season. It's a southern thing usually, but I'm "making it weeerk" up here in the north ;)

Are you a PSU or Steelers fan? If not...then screw you. (kidding!)
As long as you don't hate my teams, we're still friends. 
Honestly, I am more of a college football gal than I am into the NFL shiz, but the more teams you "support", the more outfit ideas you can create ;)

Until next time, I'm off to bleed black and gold and blue and white.......that's a whole lot of colors bleeding together!


  1. Cute ideas! I always think of wearing jeans and a jersey, but I like these ideas so much better. If I was into sports I would be all over these ideas!

  2. Oh goodness! SO cute! You would definitely be the best dressed fan ever!

  3. Game day is up and almost everyone in America is tuning in to catch their favorite teams' matches. If you're green like me, then check out these useful tips on how to green your game day. I found this video tips on YouTube.

  4. Great post
    There are ways to be supporting without having to wear the horrible fabric that most jerseys are made of
    Lovely looks

  5. OMG. In that the same hat Jennifer Aniston wore in Love Happens? Mock me for having seen that movie, but you cannot deny the fact that the hat is beyond flattering.

  6. Thanks for the comment & follow!

    I love this post, you've got a bunch of great outfits here that are great for everyday wear! Awesome :D

  7. LOVING these game day outfits...they are awesome. I get really tired of seeing the trying-too-hard sorority girls at football games. These are obviously sporting the team's colors and logos while still totally sophisticated and stylish. Brilliant.

  8. Gameday is TOTALLY one word because it's a real day.

    You know I love everything about this post, especially the fact that you agree with me that jerseys are a no go.

  9. Aaah SOOO cute! You are probably the best dressed fan in the stands!
    This post helps me SO much! My hubs is all about buying me the over sized jersey's and I'm just not very excited about them.. haha. So I'm going to tell him that I'll come up with the cutest outfits, wearing the team colors instead :)

  10. this is such a fun way to dress up sporty outfits! I dont always like wearing a huge baggy jersey, I kind of feel sloppy! but i love how you paired the outfits with the team colors, and still made the outfits trendy and cute!
    what a fun post/good idea!

  11. LOVE all of the boots! where do you find 'em?!


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