Friday, October 21, 2011

SS does not "SMH"

.....or at least doesn't write "SMH" even though this post will have "SMH" written all over. You get the point, though. If you don't, then I'm "SMH" at you......

I never knew what this meant after seeing many-a friends (or frenemies) on Facebook and Twitter take to their social networking site of choice to write something followed by these three letters. What does it even mean?!

Shut My Head?
Somebody May Hear?
Sluts Must Hate?
......I mean, really, the list could go on and on.

Honestly, though, when I found out it meant "shaking my head" -- I just got angry. Annoyed. I mean, I grew up in the days of "brb"-ing and told plenty of people I would "ttyl" with no intention of continuing our "LOL" worthy it's safe to safe I am accepting of acronyms. SMH, though, got under my skin.....but you know, I may just be one angry biotch lately because a lot has me, well, "SMH"....and here is a list of some....and it goes without saying that, at the top, stands this ridiculous three-letter travesty.

1. My sisters taking things. OKAY, if either of them is reading this, know I still love you....obvi, you're my sister, sort of have to ;) Regardless, it is not okay when you tell me what you're wearing while you're away this weekend and the belt I had already planned on including in my outfit for the next day is on your list....uh, my belt?! OH, and then they get mad that I say, "I actually planned on wearing that." Like, I'm sorry, I didn't know I needed to see if you wanted to wear it before I went ahead and put it on my know, something I own. Same thing happened in the summer with my shoes, and the biotch told me to pick another pair...REALLY?! Momma didn't raise no wimp, I want my shoes, damnit! Sisters.....can't live with them, can't dress without them.
{hahahahah does anyone else remember this video? hysterical.}

2. Ohio. Not Ohio in general...but I sort of, kind of, definitely am annoyed by them right now. I just really don't understand this state. It's flat all over, has terrible football teams (the Browns and OSU, yuck), and now this man released all of these exotic animals, shot himself, and then authorities shot FOURTY-NINE animals, including extremely rare breeds? Surely you can't be seriously! ("Yes I am serious and my name's not Shirley!") Really, though.....I mean, honestly, this story makes no sense to me at all, and I see the logic is almost everything some things. These animals did nothing and yet they take the fault for a disgusting excuse for a human being? NOT COOL, OHIO, NOT COOL.
{selling on e-bay, get yours now! -- really, I don't hate all of Ohio, relax!}

3. Dry Skin. Yep, my attitude has gone from, "WOOOO FALL" to "Gosh darn damnit, my skin is getting dry, stupid weather!" -- That being said, I have noticed my skin is just looking so thirsty as of late. I moisturize with the best of them, but sometimes that just isn't enough, I suppose, my skin is a greedy son-of-a-bitch! Any good masks/masques out there to add some moisture? Let me know, so I'm not left looking all gross-tastic. I used a sample of Dermalogica's Hydration Booster last night and that seemed to help, but I'm not dropping serious cash on getting my own, that's for sure!
{something edible wouldn't be bad, either, I know honey 
is good....but a bit too gooey for my face's liking!}

4. My blog. I mean, not the whole blog, as this is my baby and I adore her dearly. I think she just needs lift, a change, in a big but still understated way. I think I'm over the color scheme, want something new. It won't be drastic, but it will be necessary! I just look at it now and can't help but not really "SMH" but just cock my head to the side like my dog does when I talk to him in my robotic baby voice. "Meeker want to go outsiiiiide? Meep, meep, booooo" (His name is actually Meiko, FYI)......I never said I was a normal pet-lover, just ask my family. I have an Elmira move where I love to squeeze my fat cat's paws until he lets out a little yelp....let it be known I only do this when he just looks so darn cute....or when he tries to use said paw to swipe bacon off my plate, sneaky bitch. & well, he's fat, it's not like it actually hurts him. Don't call Animal Control on me!!
{if you're reading this and my banner does not look like the above 
photo anymore, then WELCOME to the new SS change, bias!}

How did I end a conversation about my blog with talk about fat cats? Seriously, one of those days......

So, yeah, are you even the least bit shocked I did four? I mean, I couldn't overdo it with the complaints, after all, because is pretty damn good. I did this just as a lighthearted way to showcase my frustrations, but I know better than anyone how to laugh off situations.....except for that sicko I mentioned in number two....that is no laughing matter. Pardon my French, but f*ck that man and his twisted mind.

On a lighter note, seeing as how number four has to do with this site and SSB is closing up the good ol' bux tonight, I may park my butt in the cafe and reformat this blog. I'm going for a simpler idea, something bold but not crazy. Any ideas or suggestions, blogging bitches? Fill me in!

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderfully cozy weekend even if it's smoldering where you are.....then, in that case, I'm jealous!........


  1. I know how you feel with the sister thing, my youngest sister was always taking my stuff, she even tried to sneak some of it to college with her! Luckily I was helping her unpack when she was moving into her dorm and found my stuff, and of course she was mad that i took MY stuff back. Oh the nerve of little sisters lol.

  2. Ugh my blog is looking a little blah these days. I seriously can never seem to make my mind up about how I want it to look. I definitely want to start off 2012 with a whole new re design!

  3. omg I literally laughed outloud at this! so funni...and literally when I saw people start using smh I googled it to see what it meant because I had no clue!!! I'm such a loser! & as for hating ohio...i get it...i had an ex-bf from there and he ruined the whole state for me!

    xo Jackie

  4. sisterly love at its best =) every time my brother stays with me I steal an item of his clothing. He kind of suspiciously eyes my wardrobe whenever he walks by it.

    I also think fall is the time for blog blahs. That's what I'm calling them.

  5. First of all, thank you for this. I sat down at my desk to eat my lunch (yes, I'm sometimes that sad, sad girl who eats lunch at her desk) and thought, "Damn. I wish I had something funny to read while I ate my lunch." ...And then BOOM! I came upon this in my Bloglovin' feed, praise Jesus.
    Second, my skin is already drying out, and our weather hasn't even gotten that cold! Let me know if you find a good treatment.

    Third, I like the new header! Very cool.

    Fourth, is it sad that I had to google what SMH meant? There are kinds of crazy text acronyms that I don't understand. I never learned anything past LOL and TTYL, so I guess i'm just not fluent in textspeak.


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