Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Haul

Hello friends! I hope you all had a fan-freaking-tastic weekend -- I hope the weather was crisp but not too cold, sunny but not too hot, and you made plenty of wise drinking that extra cocktail (or extra three cocktails) before asking Siri on your new iPhone 4S to find you a taxi home (because, you know, she can totally do that).

I don't have a 4S, which means I don't have Siri.
Whatever, I'm not bitter.
It's not like I'm worried SSB will leave me for her.
Stupid bitch, better watch her back!

(Now leaving bitch-tastic mode and entering into sing-songy voice.....)

Anywhooooo, while my weekend was all over the place, I did fit in some time to run to the mall and grab some things that I didn't need, but a sale sometimes cannot be passed up!
I would like to also preface this mini haul by stating that whoever was in charge of stying/photographing these photos was either blind, stupid, a man, or all three. You'll see what I mean, I'm sure.


I feel like I am starting to collect leather(ette) jackets this year more than I've been adding to the scarf collection. Regardless, this jacket could not be passed up when I walked passed it yesterday. Total steal.

{Honestly, they could have picked the size down (or TWO sizes down) to put on this model. My jacket is much more fitted than this frump-di-dump look...& those pink bottoms with the jacket? Hmmm, no thank you!}


I actually am not a classic puffer fan in the slightest, because I personally do not want to remind anyone of the Michelin Man by my choice of dress, but ON hit it out of the park with this bad boy using tweed. So cozy, so chic, and it was the perfect topper to the current outfit I have on!

{again, a man must have photographed this, it is much more fitted and not so bulky in person.}


I love these for work. I thought this print was good for any season and the pleated effect is much prettier in person. Think it'll look cute with boots or normal wedges, depending on the weather. Very flowy and simple, my favorite feel in a skirt! Plus, it was on sale for $15, woop woop!

{again, not a flattering photo, the colors of the skirt are much more vibrant in person.}


I bought these for work simply because they were on sale for NINE dollars. Sadly, my height makes them normal, really?! That would happen to me. It gives them a cute tapered effect, though, so I'm ok with it. The material looks dreadful in the photo, but they're much looser and a bit more chic in person....have I said that for every photo now? It's because it's true -- we need to find these photogs and beat them with their cameras!


Ok, while I definitely didn't need this, it was just TOO badass to pass up. Pair it with the raspberry jacket I first mentioned, skinnies, and some boots.....yeah, I'd dare you to mess with me then, people! Really, though, I probably read too much into it and bought it because I thought it had this deeper meaning about aviation when, in reality, the designer of this tee probably just likes skulls. & hey, you know, that's ok in my book, I like them too, obviously. Bonus points for the men's section on this one.

.......and one thing entirely unrelated to clothing but a recent purchase (made before the shopping trip) that my credit card probably maybe quite possibly hates me for.

Skullcandy & ROC Nation Aviator Headphones in Brown
BOOM. I was a fan of my Zumreed's for sure, but when I saw these bad boys in the Apple Store recently, I knew they would be mine before too long. Of course I have already used them and they feel great even after extended wear (the issue with my Zumreed's) and their sound quality is crisp and wonderful and I feel like I'm being enveloped in the sound. Ahhh, so in love. Not to mention I feel like a badass pilot bitch in them.....Jay-Z, you done good, son. This was the last pair at my local Best Buy, so thank you to the four men who went on a wild goose chase to find them for me because they were not in their correct location. Oh, and no thank you to the man who stayed behind to "keep me company while I waited" -- awkward conversation and your escort to the front of the store as I left was entirely unnecessary. & just so we're clear, mister BB man, I will not be coming back in a week to tell you if you should buy these headphones even though you made me pinky promise. Yes, I'm breaking a pinky promise. It's entirely his fault and not my own, I just wanted some damn headphones!

That's it for the mini haul. I know my posts have been slacking in the beauty department, so be on the look out for some beauty-related posts in the near future. I mean, I've been on a killer complaining/rant streak, so if that's more your style, feel free to read my rants on shoes and the terrible SMH acronym that I wrote in previous posts.

ONE MORE THING! I now have a Tumblr. Not entirely sure why, but it is what it is. If you'd like to follow that, here's the link (CLICK!)....I plan on just using it as a "vision board" of sorts to keep my inspiration flowing. Plus, I'm a blogger....why not just add myself to another social medium?! I added it to the "Stalk SS" page, too.

Off I go to try and be teacherly.....the youth is safe, people, I've got this, clearly (says the teach who is blogging......)

Until next time, farewell lovahs.......


  1. Ahh! Red leather jacket! I want one! It's been on my GET ME list for about a year now.

    Those headphones are super cool, yo. I typically like the ear buds, but might stray from them for something this awesome.

  2. I'm so into the graphic tee right now. I think I bought too many solid coloured ones.

  3. YESSS to the leather jacket! But you're right - why the hell did they style it like that? I can't think of a worse combination than a cool leather jacket and weird, elastic-waist pink pants...

    You need to do an outfit post whenver you get around to wearing it so we can see how a leather jacket is SUPPOSED to be worn!


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