Sunday, September 4, 2011

SS Fall Essentials

Just as we have that go-to pair of sweats or relaxed outfit you wear when we're in the comfort of our own home (like my oversized tee that has a big whale on it saying "save me" or my Scruff shirt that states "take a bite out of crime"....yeah), we all have staples in our public wardrobes, too, and for fall, it seems as though this is much more least in my case. Even SSBoyfriend states, "Fall is coming, so are your many scarves."
Not only is it scarves, but a few select other items that are pretty much go-to for me as the weather goes from balmy to breezy. Let's take a look at some SS Fall Outfits, shall we? I should just be glad I'm not photographed often (note: ever) because I wear these following items a lot and I'd be up there with Princess Kate who apparently loves herself some recycled outfits, as People often shows just about

Might as well state the obvious first. When I started this blog about six months ago, I planned on doing a weekly scarf post, but after the first one, I just got lazy and never did another one, not once. Terrible, I know. Here's a look at the collection:
Once the weather turns even the slightest bit cooler, these bad boys come out and I just keep buying more. Some of my favorites are lightweight but long or wide so I can use them in a number of ways. Even my students would say, "Miss Smith, you really always wear scarves!" Easily the most essential SS Fall Staple!

Leather Jackets.
I don't know why, but I think there is nothing more badass (or sexy, even!) than a white v-neck tee, skinny dark jeans, and a black leather jacket, complete with some bedroom hair. It somehow looks so pulled together but still has such an edge to it that is perfect for fall. I have a couple black ones in different styles, a pale blush tone, and I currently am lusting after a chocolate brown one, too. They are so easy to toughen up an outfit or just make a summer outfit warmer for fall. Gawwwwd, they are just so damn sexy, aren't they?! As long as they don't have that dreaded cotton ribbed effect/detail on the cuffs or sides.....I really loathe that look on leather.

Wool or Felt Hats.
I love hats any time of any season, but there's something extra fun about the wool or felt hats for fall. Not too floppy, not too structured, just right. I found a Jessica Simpson one that was originally $80 and I got it for $10 on sale this past spring. It's a terrific hat that SSBoyfriend likes to call my "Indiana Jones" look, but regardless, these warmer hats in many different styles are my go-to when the 'do is looking not so fresh....or when I'm out and hope not too many students notice Miss Smith under the brim!

Rich/Jewel Colors.
This may be obvious choice for most, but I tend to wear very neutral tones no matter what the season, so I love whipping out some rich tones during fall because it just feels right for the cooler temps. Plums, mustards and golds, rusty roses, deep blues, anything that can give my outfit a bit of an edge but still look ridiculously classy. I feel like rich colors just make any outfit look, no pun intended, richer. Even if the top was $19.80 from your local F21, if it comes in a rich tone, it instantly brings you a level above the rest. Plus, you match the trees a little, too, depending on your choice of jewel tone. Weird? Not at all!

There you have it, some of my favorite pieces for fall! Really, add a pair of jeans and some boots and you have the classic SS Fall outfit! What are some of your go-to items for the cooler months?

This week marks my last week of "after-school" nanny duties which means I am no longer going to be in nanny mode but, rather, it teacher time for SS now! Woot, woot! Keep a look out for my summer wrap-up rant ;)

Until next time, farewell to you all and a happy holiday weekend to my fellow US gals!


  1. Leather jacket + white tee + skinny jeans = my lazy outfit. And ew. I don't know why anyone ever decided to add stretchy cotton to the cuffs/waist of a leather jacket.

  2. Ah leather jackets and scarves are my top fall essentials. It just isnt a complete fall outfit without them haha

  3. I have never seen so many scarves... have you ever counted them all? I'm curious to know the number!

    I'm most looking forward to the jewel tones, emerald in particular.

    p.s. I love the banner you did for Procrastinating Pretty. So cute!

  4. Great list!

  5. all about the hats & jewel tones!!! Love this list!

    xo Jackie


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