Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to the "Dark Side"....

Getting used to the dark side is a bit daunting. I still go into the mirror and half (or fully) expect to see my face with blonde locks framing not the case anymore! Yowza! Read THIS if you have yet to catch on to what I'm talking about....

Aside from the light to dark change, I've noticed I have needed to tweak my makeup routine a bit, as well, to keep up with the change. Has anyone else noticed this when darkening up their hair?

Enter: Blonde to Brunette Makeup Changes....

First thing....I have normally been a gal who can just add a bit of balm and be on my way, if not entirely ignore my pucker. I notice now with my darker hue that my lips looks severely washed out or like I somehow forgot I had lips and just slathered foundation all over...not a good look. Anyone know of any good lip stains or balms that look simple and not like I'm wearing a ton of heavy lipstick or product? That is one of my biggest beauty pet peeves! For now I'll settle with my Stila Lipgoss that's a nice berry color, but I'm looking for something to give me a bit more color than the gloss but not too much, we can't overdo it here, ladies!

Secondly, I notice I don't need as much blush, yay! I mean, I still love my Orgasm and I still am craving the Deep Throat (so classy, NARS, so classy...) but I can get away with using less because of the richer tones in my hair, which makes my makeup routine just a smidgen simpler! I also notice I can just use a little extra sweep of bronzer in place of blush just as well. I always tried that look with my blonde hair but it never looked the way I wanted it to. Win for the dark side!

Third and lastly, darker eye makeup! Before I felt it looks so harsh again my paler skin and hair, but now with the richness of reds and browns in mah 'do, I feel like I can rock a smoky eye and not look like a street walker....hell to the yes! I look forward to exploring the darker shades in my Naked palette and experimenting endlessly with my other eye options! Perhaps a mini Ulta haul is in store for me?

Do you have any other tips/advice for a blonde turned brunette? Who knew my makeup look could get an overhaul, too? Excited to try out new looks and show them to you all! Just in time for the crispness of fall, too!

Some BEFORE and AFTER shots again....

BEFORE....pre-catastrophe last Thursday....
 AFTER....note: minimal makeup and dirty hair @ work....

In between the massive amount of laundry I have to do and the 9+ more hours I have to work of this 13.5 hour day (yes, you read that right, hellooooo 10pm cocktails tonight!!), I had to sneak in a blog post to restore my sanity. I'm sure you all understand!

Hope your Monday back at work or school is much much more wonderful than mine! I'd give anything to be back in school, walking to class with my headphones playing cool tunes, coffee in hand, and watching the leaves change around campus. Last part is pre-mature on this August day, of course, but you get the idea ;)

Until next time, farewell my blondes, brunettes, and everything in-between!


  1. Welcome to the dark side, everyone says we have better snacks and makeup options here! :)

    Since you are looking for something quick and easy for your lips, I recommend going with a tinted lip balm or stain. A tinted lipbalm would be super quick and easy to apply on the go (I recommend the Korres lip butter in pomegranate from Sephora, or if you prefer an actual stick, look for the Burt's Bees tinted lip balms in drugstores). A stain on the other hand can take just a tad bit longer to put on, but is worth it if you tend to neglect your lips because you won't have to worry about reapplying your color throughout the day. Hope this helps you out!

  2. @Kelsey Thank you so much, very helpful! I already love the Burt's Bees tinted lip balm I have, so maybe a shade darker or richer will do the trick! & I definitely plan on checking out that lip butter, too!

  3. OMG. I love!! I've been so absent I haven't even had to comment, but better a late reaction than none LOL!

    You know, I read somewhere that Leighton Meester said she didn't need as much makeup when she went brunette for Gossip Girl. The power of the dark side ;-) My lips are pretty pigmented so I don't use a ton of balm but if I need a little kick, I use the korres lip butter as recommended by Kelsey. I find the thing that stays best is staining my lips with a moisturizing lipstick (e,g, those covergirl ones I just reviewed or my personal my-lip-but-better Rimmel's Glamorous Pink).

  4. Wow you rock the blonde and brunette both so well. I am liking you brunette. I am forever a brunette, don't think I could do Blonde as my black eyebrows would give me away! However I can offer some advice on lip stains/tints. I always love benefit's lip/cheek stain which also comes in a lip balm. Colour lasts for ages.
    Great post x

  5. I completely agreed that you have to adjust your makeup when changing your hair color. I've been blonde for quite a few years now but in the beginning of the summer I went ULTRA blonde and had to tweek my makeup!!! Hair color is like a new adventure!!! & I love you with both brown and blonde hair!

    xo Jackie

  6. GAH - I want to be back in school too. I really feel like I didn't appreciate it enough while I was there, don't you?

    I don't know how I'd re-do my makeup routine if I changed my hair color, so I'm no help there.


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