Saturday, August 27, 2011

Collective Haul (I Have Problems).....

Why oh why must I have a problem? Fall is the best time but also the worst time because I want to buy everything! I can't even blame the upcoming season, though, because some (ok, most) of what I bought has nothing to do with the cooler season coming. Let's just hop into it, shall we?!

I recorded a video for this haul and then realized I never turned my TV off in the background and the birds love talking to the TV so the mix of background noise was ridiculous and I just didn't feel like recording another 15-20 minute video....I guess I'm too used to the noise! haha

The items below are separated by store. Forever21 first, Target second, and Marshall's third!


>>Don't you love the blush tone of the blazer?! I went for a light khaki one but this blush tone was far too cute to pass up. The navy one completes my "neutral" color blazer collection :)
>>The bird jacket is a whimsical buy, thought it'd be a good "pop" piece for some fall outfits.
>>The boots? Love them, period.
>>(The blouses photographed horribly, so I posted their photos from F21's site to give you a better idea of their fit and shape.) Both tops are such rich fall colors and I love that the mustard top was only $19 as opposed to the $50 one I saw at Nordstrom that looked nearly identical. The rusty rose? Looks good with the new 'do ;)

>>Lipstick! Just like I talked about in my brunette makeup post, I need to start wearing some color on my lips. These two shades were just the colors I was looking for.
>>It's Revlon's fault for making me buy this. It looked so cute in the bottle, metallic but dark, again "perfect for fall" (Can any of us say this too much? I think not! haha) Steel-Her Heart will be on my nails ASAP! Terrible nail swatch, I knowww.
>>I never listen to the #1 beauty rule of "don't brush your wet hair." Yeah, I detangle my hair in the shower, but needed a comb to do the job when I get out of the shower. I really will try to follow this beauty rule now! (Forgot to take a photo of it, but come on, it's just a comb....)
>>This top was definitely an impulsive purchase, but all their "graphics" were on sale, win!

>>Bookends + Fleur De Lis = Perfection. I hate that Affliction has nearly ruined this symbol, but I still love's been in almost every notebook that I have written in since high school (thanks B&N for your too-cute journal/notebook section!) so these were a must-have investment for only $10 a piece! Love the cracked effect and how one is a rustic orange and the other is a nice mustard. Gawwwd, I really just want to stare at them all day, I'm pathetic, I know.
>>Apparently I've been buying too many bracelets as of late, so I needed a new jewelry holder. My other one is a dark steel color with birds, so I needed to keep the "bird" theme going.
>>I call him Henry. Henry has no purpose, no real use, but he is awesome nonetheless! I picked him up out of the Halloween section thinking he could hold my bracelets, but then I found the bird stand and still couldn't part from him. He will stay on the bookcase no matter what season or what holiday. He's Henry, we like Henry, Henry stays!

So there you have it, my collective weekend haul! Thanks to mom for buying the clothes, she supports my "work apparel" funds ;)

I'm off to relax a bit before going out tonight with my sisters and some friends for my sister's future sister-in-law's birthday downtown (woah, sisters everywhere!)

Until next time, farewell love bugs!


  1. Love those blazers! And the bird jacket is great, it looks like a fun piece!

  2. GAHH we are exactly the same person. I wanted those boots SOFREAKINBADLY but F21 obviously does not carry sizes that aren't 7 or 8. grrrr.

  3. I have the biggest Fleur de Lis fetish and I need those book ends!

    I also love that graphic crop top!

    And those boots? Yeahhh, girl!

    - Britt

  4. omg that rusty rose top is super cute and an amazing color. I wantttt ittttt! :)


  5. I love the random shit you bought at Marshall's - the skull totally took me by surprise and was a great end to the post, haha.


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