Saturday, August 13, 2011

OOTD : Beach Edition

SS has arrived back home, slightly more golden but not the least bit sunburned, thanks SPF! Had a wonderful time but am plenty ready to be back home…..except for that little thing called “working as a nanny” but that stops soon enough, as the school year is coming up faster than I expected…not sure how I feel about that!

Anywho, I didn’t do much blogging while at the beach (ok, none, stop judging!) but I hope you enjoyed my guest post! Be honest, how many of you checked your ingredient labels after reading? Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller? Awesome….

To make up for my absence, I have a couple photos from the beach that I’ll turn into an extended version of “OOTD” so I suppose this is more like “OATB” or rather “outfits at the beach” for those who are not so stellar with acronym guessing ;) ALSO, we have a debut of my wonderfully awesome boyfriend. He doesn’t get a cool name like my “Investigator” gal, so we’ll just call him “SSboyfriend” or even SSB – work for you? Works for me! I could have cropped him out but, honestly, I didn’t do any editing to the photos and cropping them would be A)awkward and B)a waste of my lazy time! I’m still on beach-mode after all :) Therefore, there is no cute posing for these as they really are just photos highlighting my trip rather than actual photos taken for an “OOTD” post. Deal with it, fair readers, just go with me here! They are all iPhone photos, too, so they may be a bit gritty and not high-quality, but they look better if you click on them to make them bigger, so there's that!

Black Maxi from Marshall’s
Floral Tank from Target
Necklace from Express 

Note 1: I realize this outfit looks a bit odd in photo because of the wing-like sleeves and my pose, but it played out decently well in person…."all black everything" as Jay-Z would say!
Note 2 : I also realize neither of us decided to do much to our "beach" hair that day, whoops!
Black Maxi from Marshall’s 
Black Crochet Top from Marshall’s (mostly cream crochet in the back, so cute!)
Wide Belt from Express
Turquoise Ring from F21

 Note: After seeing three photos of us together, it is clear we need to change up the pose we make!
 Tribal Maxi from Marshall’s
Boyfriend Tee from Target
Belt from F21
  Red Ring from F21

So I clearly went for an easier feel that still looked put together, or at least I tried to look put together! Looks like I easily had outfits that could fall under the $50 or less category….if we didn’t count the wedges you cannot see under the maxi skirts…..

I did wear shorts over the week, too , but maxis are much more my style because shorts can sometimes just feel stuffy (and sticky!) in hot, hot weather, am I right? I think I may be right!

SSB can pretty much credit good ol’ AE for his attire in all of the photos….he doesn’t really stray from that path, regardless of how hard I try (and try…..and try!) He’s even more stubborn than me, which is quite a feat to accomplish! He still looks good, though, so we’ll let him win this one…for now ;)

There you have it, a mini collection of some of the beach outfits I pulled together with what little I packed this time around! Looking forward to still rocking the maxi look once the weather gets cooler. A great transitional piece!

I’ll leave you with a photo of yours truly rocking the Express Necklace from Outfit #1….as a headband. I tried pulling it over my head to wear as a necklace and it got stuck on my big head….whoops! Photo Op nonetheless!
Could work, but it maaaay get a tad painful as the day/night wears on!

Until next time, as always, farewell love bugs and bloggers & I'm stoked to be back in the blogging mode!


  1. yayyy fellow maxiskirt lover! And you and the SSboyfriend are too cute together -- don't be worrying about blogging when you're at the beach, ya hear?? Enjoy the sun/sand on my behalf (while I'm stuck inside crying over statistics)

  2. I love all your outfits!! And you two look SO cute together!

  3. hey thanks for the comment babe (:


  4. @The Procrastinator you, my friend, need to make a button so we can swap like kiddos did back in the day with their pogs and pokemon cards! haha

  5. I really like the black dress! Nice change from a typical LBD. I want one!!

    - Britt

  6. @Britt Thank you! It's actually a maxi skirt with a black shirt tucked in and a belt to blend it all together...I'm sneaky like that! hah Both pieces are from Marshall's, too!

  7. Love all of the outfits!! Also, I love the look of that necklace in your hair! I unfortunately have done that too before, and have had a lot of trouble getting it out haha, and maybe loosing a few hairs in the process!!

  8. LOVE the tribal skirt. You're totallyr ight - skirts are waaaay better in hot, humid weather. I can't stand pants or shorts sticking to my skin!


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