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Leaning about Ingredients (GUEST BLOGGER)

Hello, friends! As you know (or may not know - how rude of you!) I am currently on vacation. Woooohoooo! Be jealous ;)

However, my dear friend (who does not blog, but I still will consider her a "guest blogger") is going to be writing a post for me! I asked her bunches o' questions about the nasty ingredients we may not know are "bad" for us and she is now here on Superficial Sanctuary to tell you all you need to know the next time you go out to buy your favorites makeup and skincare products. I have dubbed her "The Ingredient Investigator." She has taught me a great deal about this topic and it's opened my eyes to what may be harming my skin (and the inside of me, as well!) So enough chit chat, let's get started!

We make for one sunny pair! 
"Ingredient Investigator" and "Superficial Sanctuary" @ Happy Hour!


Hi, everyone! As Superficial already mentioned, I am the "Ingredient Investigator" but, really, I'm just a happily married southern girl (living up north now!) who loves her fair share of Starbucks and margaritas (who doesn't?!) I answered the following questions, but if you have any more for me, feel free to put them in the comments below! 

1. How did your investigative work begin? When, where, why?
Answer: My momma has always been a a health nut, not just with food, but all things related to keeping the body healthy & in its best form. I have followed her advice & 'strong' encouragement over the past years, mainly on the food side of things (ie what I put into my body) but recently thought, 'If it matters so much what I put inside, why not invest the same care for the outside?' So, I began digging. Not into my skin, haha, but into those tiny labels on the backs of my bodywashes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, shaving gels, etc. What I found was gross & definitely disheartening. For so many years I considered myself to have sensitive, oily, breakout-prone skin. Come to find out, if I avoid the products that contain certain ingredients, then I can eliminate most if not all of my expensive, topical meds I had thought I needed these past years & enjoy glowing, happy skin. Not to mention, save my wallet. 

2. If you had to choose only five, which ingreidents would you choose?
Answer: Definitely the 5 parabens (butylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, methylparaben & propylparaben) but I can't just choose five! I have to include the 5 filthy friend, too! (diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, formaldehyde, methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) & methylisothiazolinone (MIT). It's just ten items....write them on a little index card & stow in a favorite purse or, better yet, a wallet...that way they'll always be close by when you shop!

3. What are skincare/makeup brands that gals should try to steer clear of the most? 
Answer: This may be a little broad of an answer, but I'd say most all the 'cheapy' make-up/skincare brands out there are bad choices. All it really takes is spending the time (we're talking a couple minutes) to read the ingredients list and comparing it to your list of 'naughties.' Trust me, your skin will thank you! 

4. Does your investigative work go beyond beauty products?
Answer: Sure does, as I already mentioned before! What we put in our bodies matters so much! I cannot stress this enough!!! If you want glowing skin & healthy hair, not to mention a long & healthy life, you've got to watch your diet. Now, I'm not talking one of those super restricted, tasteless, boring, lose-weight type of diets. My diet plan is simple. Same as the skincare/make-up, there are certain 'junks' we must avoid. Here is a list of the top ingredients I will absolutely not eat or buy foods that contain: sodium nitrates/nitrites (packaged deli meat), BHA &BHT, propyl gallate, MSG monosodium glutamate, trans fats, aspartame (diet soda), acesulfame-k, food coloring, olestra (tater chips), potassium bromate (breads), partially hydrogenated fats & oils (gross!), benziocacid 210, saccharin, high fructose corn syrup.

5. What are your current favorite skincare products? 
Answer: Right now I am loving 'Jason Organic shampoo's & conditioners' (not a skincare product, but still great!) as well as most, if not all, of the Bert's Bees products. Really wanting to check out 'Say Yes to Tomatoes' & all the other 'Say Yes' products out there. Superficial Sanctuary told me they are worth trying :)

6. What are your current favorite beauty/makeup products? 
Answer: I have a 'makeup budget' so, from drugstores, I like Physician's Formula. You still have to check the ingredient labels but overall they are clean & pure. Their organic line is  usually the best way to go. Also, a FANTASTIC resource is the 'Paraben Free Princess'...her blog is awesome & absolutely full of helpful, affordable & junk-free advice/products. She taught me a ton. Check her out for both skincare & makeup! (Link)

7. What is your best-kept beauty secret? Who did you get it from, if anyone?  
Answer: My Momma, of course! She has always told me beauty comes from the inside. So true! Who you are as a person as well as what you eat!

8. What is your worst beauty memory? 
Answer: When I was 16, just driving, I took myself to a tanning bed. It was almost prom time & I had a date I wanted to look pretty for. I figured the sun in the summer-time cleared my skin up, a tanning bed should do the same, right? The gal working there offered me some crazy-named lotion that would 'enhance' my tan, y'all know the kind.  'Sure' I said, thinking I'd come out looking great & with cleared-up, sun-kissed skin. NOPE. The 'junk' in the lotion broke my skin out terribly. I still went on my date however & am now married to that very 'date'! A little positive reminder; men don't notice half the things us females do ;) 

9. What is the ONE item you could not live without? 
Answer: Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum by Paula Begoen's resist line. This can be found at 

10. Any final words for the beauty readers out there? 
Answer: Smile! Laugh! Read those labels!!! 


There you have it! Thank you to my dear friend for filling us in and giving us all a lesson on better health and beauty!

Totally up to you if you'd like to start living "The Ingredient Investigator" lifestyle, but your skin (and overall health) may thank you in the long run! I've tried picking up her tips and advice and, I'll admit, it isn't the easiest to do because some of my favorite brands have the naughty ingredients, but I have noticed a difference in my skin when eating better and using better skincare products. Best of luck to you in your ventures ;)
Do you have anymore tips? Share them below! Hope you enjoyed my first guest post! I also hope you are all having a wonderful week. See you soon enough!

Until next time, as always, farewell lovahs....

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  1. Great post! Sometimes I read the labels on my beauty products and think, "what the hell IS all this stuff?" Probably not a good sign.... I guess i need to educate myself more and go for some healthier stuff.


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