Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Mumbling

Hello you lovely people! Hope you all are enjoying this Monday as I am getting back into the swing of things after vacation and am now in "nanny" mode once again, woof. As this week gets started, I find my head spinning with random thoughts and news tidbits that I figured I would share with you all while turning it into my first link-up!

I surely cannot be the only crazy kook who has all these thoughts at the beginning of the week, right? Right? Good. So share your thoughts and mumbles and rants--whatever!--and link back up so we can all have one big group of Monday Mumbles!
Let's get started....

1. I should not be spending money but I could not resist a trip to the nearest Barnes & Noble to "just browse" the goods. I left with these beauties....
First of all, I had to take a Shakespeare course as an English kiddo in college and our book was huge (bigger than a dictionary, no joke) and was easily over $150....this little gem was TWENTY bones, that's it! I am not obsessed with Shakespeare as much as the next English gal, but I can appreciate his work if it's all in one very attractively bound book ;)

Cutest notebook ever, right? It is a perfect blogging notebook for miss SS, that's for sure! I like to write down new blog ideas when I'm not near my computer and also other random thoughts that I always tell myself I will remember but never you do that?
Can't believe I have never read Wicked so this book was another must-have....another twenty dollars well spent!

2. My iPhone cover got a bit grimy and gross while at the beach,what with the humidity and sand and possibly putting it on a table where alcoholic drinks have know, whatever. I'm in the market for a new one to ring in the end of summer so I need your help to pick one! Choose your favorite from below and I'll be sure to purchase the winner (and maybe an extra one for a possible future giveaway!)
 All are Kate Spade, photos from her online store and Nordstrom....I sort of already have a favorite out of the three, but still need your input and vote!

3. Doesn't it just seem a bit too scary that so many natural (and freaky and unnatural!) disasters have gone on in the past year? Tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, shootings, it seems to never end. Now you add the bomber from Norway, the riots in London, and even the deaths at the recent Sugarland show and it just makes me think WHY?! Sometimes life has no rhyme or reason and that fascinates me and scares me all at the same time...shows how truly unpredictable life can be! This is exactly why I turn to the Disney channel (yes, I did just say that!) and other crap shows to numb my mind from the actual news on television. Call me crazy, but it keeps me sane in an insane world.
4. For whatever reason, I am much more bummed out this summer than I was last summer to not be going back to college. I may have been all "yayy no homework and finals" last fall but now I would quite possibly give my future first born away to experience it all over again. So for those of you reading and going back, have fun and make the most of it (not that you won't already!) Have no regrets, it's the one time you can do nearly anything and just live for you. My jealousy is seeeething! ;) I'd love love love to be drinking french martinis with my biotch (I know you're reading!), complaining about men and making fun of the--ahem--skanks (it's like they multiply in college!!) around us before hitting up the rest of our college town....take this as a shout-out, my love ;) hah

5. I have been needing a drastic change in my life in the recent months. Ever hit a major rut and just need a change? You know, that came out wrong. I mean in the sense of myself, physically speaking. My hair has never been tampered with since I popped out of the womb with silver hair, and it's just changed itself over time. I think I'm ready to play for another team....but still cheat on that team for my own, make sense? I'm thinking Whitney Port's over-the-summer-auburn/red-hue for the beginning of fall. My hair has natural coloring with shades of dark blonde to light blonde, so adding a little pop of something extra may be just what SS needs for a pick-me-up out of this boring, same ol' rut...and just in time for the season change! Sort of going for this look....let me know what you think & feel free to be brutally honest as I have never colored my hair before and need to talk to the people at my salon first (no, this bitch is not doing a box dye.....I am crazy but not that crazy to do a box on the first go-round!)
I realize these look more brown than red, but I am using these as a base to work with. I picked girls who all are known more for their blonde hair and changed it to this similar brown-red-auburn color....I'm inspired! What do you think? Should SS go for it??

Well there you have it, five mumbles for this Monday....share yours and link back up! I figure if no one wants to link up, then I'll just consider myself to have no link-up potential! hah 

Glad I could share with you my random thoughts that I have going through my head this Monday! Enjoy your week and let's push through it so we can enjoy the weekend :)

Until next time, as always, farewell lovahs!


  1. This is beyond embarrassing and I wouldn't ask if Google had returned a satisfactory answer but...what's a linkup? =P

  2. @The Procrastinator Well now that I am telling you, you gotsta do it! you simply put the MM photo at the top, talk briefly about the link-up at the top of the post, write your own Monday mumbles/thoughts, send me the link to the post using the widget at the bottom on my post & it shows up on my site.....did that all make sense? If so, go do it :) hah

  3. The notebook is so cute! Absolutely adore it and makes me want a cupcake!



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