Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Favorites!

In the beginning of August, there is so much summer left to be had.
Come the middle of August, I still get pissed off by back-to-school commercials slighting what amount of summer is left.
By the last week of August, I am full-speed-ahead into fall and, instead, pissed off it took so long to get here even though it isn't, by calendar status, actually here yet.

It's an odd transition, and perhaps you're all the same, too, but with the end of August comes not only the new feeling of fall, but favorites of this summer month, as well!

1. Waterproof Bronzer - With sweat, the pool, the ocean, or any "wet" activity (that sounded dirty, I assure you I mean well without being a skank!) comes the need for a makeup to stand the test of whatever you throw it's way. My Tarte bronzer blended wonderfully and stayed put when I needed it most, which was during those hot, hot days where sweat comes off of you like rain. Yeah, I said it, you've been there, too!

2. Revlon's Coralberry Lipstick - Mary (Little Ramblings), if you're reading, THANK YOU! You posted about how you just bought this shade and I was at Target the same day buying pre-vacation snacks when I just had to see if it was there. This shade is fan-freaking-tastic and I have used it just about everyday I'm not slaving away as a nanny. SUCH a pretty color that is super fun but still natural. Check it out if you don't have it already. Trust me, you need this color!

3. Neutrogena Body Wash - Nothing makes me feel quite as clean or relaxed as Neutrogena's Grapefruit Body Wash. I don't really have issue with my skin, but if I'm giving my face medicinal loving, then my skin from the neck down should receive the same treatment, am I right? Turning to this scrub is perfect for when I need to feel refreshed after a day of nannying and doing little boys' laundry, which always faintly smells of dirt and piss.....yeah, I never said my summer job was glamorous! This wash brings me out of nanny mode and back into "me" mode...girly and clean.

4. Kiehl's Toner - I haven’t done a review on this (and now there may be no need) but here’s a speedy SS one for you….this shit is awesome, buy it, end of story. I have used it on cotton pads, toilet paper, my hands and dabbed it on my face (courtesy of a tip I got from my blogging buddy, the Procrastinator!) and no matter how I put it on, it works and feels great! Brings my skin to a nice balance, which is exactly what I needed this month! If you don't believe in needing a toner (much like I did), I assure you this toner will change your mind of that. Again, another must-buy for you!

5. Essie's Borrowed and Blue - I chip my nails like nobody's business. One tiny little crack in my polish and I go at it (and the rest of the untouched fingers) like a jackhammer....it's quite unlady like, I know. I love B&B so much that I actually fix the little cracks and chips before I let myself ruin the manicure entirely. That should prove to you my dedication to this cute little color! Going to need a bit of a darker shade for fall, so enter my "ring finger" color, OPI's Ski Teal We Drop :)

Soooo very much looking forward to what's in store for my favorites in the first fall month! Look out for plenty of season-changing posts, from fashion to makeup and everything in between. Teacher rants coming up again in due time, too!

Until next time, hope your August is wonderful and here's to an even better September..... 


  1. I might have to check out that lipstick color, I am always looking for a good lip color to try!

  2. Ahh i'm wearing that Essie polish right now! I love itttt

  3. Aw thank you for the shoutout! I've been gearing myself up to get back into videos! And I want to try that bronzer now! I still have soooo much Benefit Hoola left though...

  4. That Essie polish is so damn pretty!

  5. I love some Neutrogena grapefruit. Very energizing in the morning. I have yet to try any blue nail polish, but if I ever do it will be a pastel like this one!



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