Monday, June 20, 2011

Superficial Sanctuary Confesses...

I have never done a link-up. No, that's not one of the confessions. Wait, I guess it is now? Either way, before you read this, go and read the fabulous gal who started this link and link-up with her and the rest of the gang. Also, follow her blog if you don't already because we all need a good laugh and she sure as hell delivers it!

I CONFESS....I can't wake up unless my alarm is set on a random number. I will not wake up at the usual 15/30 minute increments like 6:45, but set it for 6:48 or even 6:43 and I'll (sort of) oblige...after hitting snooze exactly three times.

I CONFESS....I sometimes want the littlest tyke I watch (there's two of them) to actually follow through with the punch he always tries to throw before I put him down for a nap just so I can text the mom and say "Uhhh, can I leave now then?!" I'd gladly explain my black eye over happy hour drinks if it meant I was done with work to actually make it to happy hour!

I CONFESS....I took a photo of a girl in the same group as me (didn't know her, my boyfriend's friend did) over the weekend because her outfit was so heinous that I had to show proof to my friend who was not there. I didn't even try to mask the fact I was snapping her photo with my iPhone.

I CONFESS....I ordered mac-n-cheese from the same restaurant/bar over the three days I was away this weekend. The first time I ate it plain, the second day I added chicken, and on the third day I added chicken and bacon. And no, I didn't workout today. For shaaaame!

I CONFESS....I had to listen to rap/r&b music on my way to work. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, NeYo, Chris Brown, or even a good Beibs song (ok, ok, not rap, but he was discovered by Usher!) before teaching a bunch of kiddos at school; it jump-started my day in the right direction, but I don't really know why.
 ....I now listen to John Mayer on the way to work as a nanny to comfort and console my sanity before the crazy day begins and my life is quickly sucked away.

I CONFESS....My family and I recently wrote a list of the alcohol that we want to bring on our July 4th weekend trip and the list just got entirely too long....we drank about how pathetic we were for needing so much.

I CONFESS....I already wrote a blog post tonight but loathe having two posts in one day so I lied and put my previous post's date as Sunday and not Monday. Go ahead and judge...but be sure to read it.

That's all I now it's your turn!

Please go on over and link up ASAP with this fabulous blogger, Rissy, and GO confess your life away on the world wide web!


  1. umm mac & cheese with chicken AND bacon? I have never heard of such a thing but that sounds DELISH!!!!!

    love, ainslee

  2. please tell me you watch epic meal time =) that mac and cheese video is one of my FAVOURITES!! updating the post with the passion tea lemonade recipe right now!

  3. ahhh hahaha I love taking incognito pics of strangers, but doing it with people you actually know is soo much better.
    chicken and bacon just made mac and cheese sound sooo much better!



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