Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Speedy Summer Haul!

So after a super wonderful morning turned into a super awkward and pretty much awful afternoon of work, I figured I'd try and perk up by writing this post after having a wonderful pig-out session of tacos and margs with the boyfriend.

I had to go to the dreaded, awful, hell-hole-on-Earth-of-a-place today. Yes, you're right. I had to go to the DMV. I'm pretty sure these bad boys are dreadful all over the country, but that doesn't make my trip any better. People, it's 2011....accept cash or credit, end of story. Don't ask me for a check or money order....if it was before some crazy guy decided the world was going to end, then fine, maybe acceptable....but the world didn't end and we're halfway through 2011....GET ON BOARD people! GET ON MY LEVEL, you hear me? DMV rant over, lost license replaced. Lesson learned? Go to the DMV early and don't forget to pack your clutch for a weekend getaway because you WILL lose your license/ID.

So what's a gal to do with time to spare after enduring a hellish DMV trip and before enduring a hellish nanny workday? Go speed shopping, of course! I promised myself I would not buy any actual clothing items, as I can do that this weekend when I have more time, but I definitely was after some items in specific and I'm happy to say I got them. Had I known my mall haul would be so lucky, I may have tried to save that luck to cash it in at work, but I didn't know it ahead of time and I dealt with the multiple temper tantrums today with the knowledge in mind that I would drink heavily afterwards.

Let's get to the haul.... 

BRACELETS! I bought two wrap bracelets from the "BP" section of Nordstrom. Confession (an entire post of these below, by the way): I bought these after seeing THIS gal talk about them on her YouTube page. I've been wanting these for awhile but always managed to forget about them until I was catching up on her YouTube videos. Super cute bracelets...I just wish my wrists were bigger so they didn't look so awkward. I wrap them together and then kinda smoosh them around my MBMJ watch like so:

SANDALS! I don't really need sandals persay, but I've been wearing the same beat up pair to work because they're easy to slip on and off, so I wanted so new pairs for this reason. Both for an even $15 bucks, win! The first pair is in the color I bought but I actually bought the second pair in an all-black style but it wasn't on the site:

HAT & SUNNIES! I really wanted the Panama Hat from J.Crew but for nearly $60 on a hat I may not wear very much, I knew I could be thrifty and find a cheaper alternative. CHA-CHING, thanks H&M! Not only did I score a near identical hat for just $13, but I also scored round sunnies for THREE dollars. I'll stop with the capital letters now, so annoying. I was tempted to buy more bracelets, a cute clutch, and even a scarf, but I refrained. Let's have a virtual clap for me.

That's all for the haul. I even rewarded my speediness with a nice iced coffee before picking up the boys from camp...and then all hell broke loose. Temper tantrums, screaming, crying, kicking, losing shoes....I won't continue. It was only a five-hour day and I felt like I was stuck for years in a life-sucker vacuum. Sadly, it's a nine hour day tomorrow, like usual, so I should just relish in the fact that today was only five hours. My body wants to cry a little bit, but instead, I'll just go to sleep with a full belly of tacos and margs.

Until next time, farewell lovahs....


  1. I love the wrap bracelets! I really like how you wrapped them around your watch, great idea :)


  2. I am now on the hunt for those bracelets, they are TOO cute!!!

  3. I am loving the friendship bracelets, yours are great i really like them


  4. I like the layered friendship bracelets thing. I'm thinking about trying to make some, but I'll probably eventually give and just buy them.


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  6. Lovely buys!! Also, I awarded you the best blog award! :)

  7. I've also awarded you the best blog! I really love reading all your posts x


  8. Love the panama hat!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Following you back now! xx


  9. I love your wrap bracelets- they are so adorable! =)

    star-crossed smile


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