Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project X Pan Success (Kinda...) & Makeup Haul! (Photo Heavy)

Hello virtual world! Let it be known it is currently almost 10:30, I woke up at 9:30 to write this because YES, I am not working. I worked over 30 the last three days. It was a bit of a crazy three days, too, so I am relieved to have a bit of time off!

Onto the better news! I have come to report about THREE products that have bit the dust and just so happen to be included in the Project X Pan that I have been (not really) slaving away at since I blogged about it. What products, you ask? Chill out, I'm getting there!

Now I know the rules "state" that you shouldn't can't buy any beauty products at all until all of the items in your project have been finished, but really, I'd be a terrible beauty blogger if I couldn't report the latest purchases and discuss reviews with the rest of you, am I right? Really, you all basically forced me into it, so shame shame shame on you! (But seriously, thanks for feeding the beauty bitch inside me...) So once I post about the products I've fnished, I'll fill you in on the, um, new products I just bought!

Here are the products that are finito....three down, seven to goooo!
Philosophy Purity Cleanser - Now, is it cheating if I've "hit pan" on this product before, like, five times? I love this cleanser and even though I have used it for so long now, I still may do a review on it for those of you who are not quite convinced yet. You will be once I write my review! No, my writing isn't that phenomenal (although you are more than welcome to think that!) but it really is a great item to have in any beauty arsenal!

e.l.f. Eyeliner Pen - This little bad boy is so shriveled up and I apologize for not being able to physically show you how dried out it truly is....I don't even know how I'd prove it? My real proof is that most of my purchases today were of the eyeliner variety, so that's proof enough....right? Good, let's go with that!

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub - Should be noted I went out to Target five minutes before they were scheduled to close because I was bone-dry-outttt of this product. Bonus? It was on sale for a dollar off. Cha-ching!
Another good thing about this product! 
You don't even need to scrape the sides, this sucker uses every last bit, 
does the dirty work for you! (Read the rest of the review here.)

So my Project X Pan has made a nice little dent! My bronzer has hit pan hardcore, so that should be going next. The hand cream and rosebud salve may never, ever be finished, so I'm an idiot for putting them in the project! Also an idiot for putting in my NARS Orgasm blush, because now that I've been using it like crazy, I never want it to end! Blast, isn't that how beauty always works?

Now onto NEW purchases, YAY. An Ulta haul is exactly what I've been needing - oddly enough, I had more restrain than usual (probably because it's summer and "less is more") but I still walked away with more than what I went in for!

Essie's Borrowed & Blue - Now, before you think I'm running out to buy this because I'm engaged, cool your jets because I'm totally not (boyfriend: take note). However, this color is absolutely perfect for me. I love all shades of really, I do, so I obviously needed to add this one to my collection. Word to the Ulta gal who checked me out at the register - remove your "buy one, get one free!" sign that's currently hanging below your Essie polishes because it's a LIE, you evil bitch. "Uhhh, nooooo, that isn't coming up on here, sorrry." Fine, I'll only get the one polish, then, you dirty skank. Haute as Hell (name wrong maybe?) was my "free" choice but alas, false advertising wins again....
Looks a bit silvery in the photo but it's a matte, soft blue in reality. LOVE!

NYX Slim Eye Pencils in Black/Brown and Satin Blue - I really don't need new liners, but considering the e.l.f. one is a shriveled up bitch, it was time to give pencils another go-round. I plan on using the brown/black for a waterline pencil, but that look still confuses me and since I'm so blonde, I'm a little nervous I'll look like a cheap hooker. I love the way it defines everyone else's eyes, though, so I may give in and try to see how I can make it work for a pale-ass blonde like myself! The satin blue is just a fun midnight color that I think will be great for summer to bring out the baby-blue's.

EOS Lipbalm in Lemon - Heck yes, I finally got that blasted little egg thing! It was by the checkout (go figure) so I snatched it up so super fast! They only had Lemon or Sweet Mint left and although the Sweet Mint was in a gorgeous egg color, I don't like Mint on my lips, only in my's weird, I know, but I'm very adamant about this! So Lemon it is...and it definitely tastes like a lemon drop (for you of age readers) so that part is a total bonus, too!

Bare Minerals Finishing Veil - I needed a new powder after my e.l.f. mineral booster bit the dust (DAMN, why did I add this bad boy to the PXP?!) My friend raves about Bare Minerals, and honestly, so does everyone else, so I figured I would try one product first before taking the powder plunge. I like it so far, maybe I'll love it soon enough. I have been wearing virtually no makeup to work as of late so I need to give this little guy more of a test run before I can really say it's got a steady rental in my makeup drawers.

I also went to F21, Sephora, and Marshall's for last-minute trip items (not really, but that sounds legitimate, right?) so here are those purchases!
[Everything is shown here, but the dress is really the one thing 
that stands out (go figure), so more photos are down below!]

Marshall's - Swim Coverup Dress
I really didn't need one of these (just like everything else I bought, really) but I kind of did seeing as how I wanted a cover-up that wasn't just daisy dukes and a tank top. I liked this dress at first but then kept asking my sister "Are you suuuuure it isn't too MTV Jersey Shore" to which she replied "Torrie, you're blonde and pale and look nothing like someone who just drinks all day, you're fine." She made a solid point, so I bought it. It's growing on me. We're going down South for the July 4th weekend and this will stand out like a sore thumb, and I like that aspect about it!

F21 - Ring, 2 Bracelets
I don't really know why I have been buying so much jewelry lately. I think it's curbing my shopping addiction; see, if I'm not out buying a ton of clothes but still buying a ton of inexpensive jewelry, well, at least I'm still buying something, right? I've tricked my brain into thinking this is logical, so I'm going with it until I wise up. I thought the little "wish" one was cute, and the gold/silver mix on the other is really balanced, I think. Why people don't get smarter and make bracelets smaller for those of us who have very tiny wrists is beyond me, but I find it quite rude!

Sephora - Feathers
My friend and I will (most likely) be getting the real deal put in today, but I couldn't help but buy these ones for a test run before taking the plunge into the more "permanent" look. I liked the outcome a lot and even though it was $25 bucks, at least I know I like them now and can use these as back-up. Let me know what you think of this you have them, love them, hate them, think I look ridiculous? My boyfriend saw the photo and responded with, "You got them? It looks like lizard tails in your hair, which is BADASS." Boys....they just don't get it.

Have you made an recent summer purchases? I plan on making a few more before we leave (which is tomorrow at midnight, so technically Saturday morning?) I really need SPF 30 sunscreen because it's supposed to be hot as hell and I wanted a GOOD/GREAT book to read on the way there, so please give me your suggestions! I wanted to buy Lemony Snicket's but alas, the whole series doesn't come in one big book (which was what I was banking on finding when I went to B&N last night), so really, if you have a good book (chick-lit need not apply considering I really have ready too many of those lately!) then let me know!! 

Enjoy your day. I know I will considering I am OFF work and will be until July 9th. Do you hear that? I do! It's a chorus of angels singing for my happiness!

Until next time, farewell you beautiful bloggers and readers ;)


  1. OMG I love that Essie nail polish color! So pretty!
    Hope you have a great 4th pretty girl :)

  2. i love your hair and love those bracelets and ring <3

  3. hahaha boys totally don't get it!!! He just wishes he had feather extensions!

    xo Jackie

  4. I like the feathers! I think I told you that on twitter - but I like these because they don't look like they were a genetic mutation. Do you know what I mean? A lot of people get them in a colour wayyy too close to their real hair and it creeps me out. Like, have 20 strands of stripy hair. AAAHHH.

    I wasn't so sure about the EOS balm! I love the packaging, but I think it kind of dried out my lips (as did cherry Chapstick. Sad.). Let me know what you think!

  5. I LOVE PURITY!!! I'm almost done with the gigantic bottle I have..and although it's pretty exciting to almost have used it all up I'm somewhat sad too! haha..and Borrowed & Blue is gorgeous :) I'll be trying that pore scrub, so thanks!

  6. Our Ulta has Essie buy 2 get 1 free, so I stocked up on them this week.

    I've always wanted to try that purity cleaner, but it's hard for me to branch out from my usual Cetaphil routine.


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