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NOTD & Awards Commentary (Warning: I'm Rude....)

Before I get crass and bash a couple of celebs, look at my cute and innocent-looking mani/pedi! Admire it for all it's classy perfection and cute-sy colors before reading my commentary below ;)
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Girl Flower (on all toes and both ring fingers)
Essie's Lapis of Luxury (on fingers)

Three of the nail strips fell off my toes last night after entirely too much walking (never apply right before trekking it through the city all night in wedges!) so I had to reluctantly open the second pouch in the package which means that I wasted the rest of the strips just to fix the issue because they dry out within 24 hours of opening (flaw in the system, for sure - read my review of these bad boys HERE). So what did I do to waste even less? Give my impromptu manicure a little spring boost! I know summer is just around the corner, but I think the combination of paint and print turned out well and looks perfect for the beginning of summer (which doesn't officially start for me until Friday at 11am!) If you're thinking "why not just put it on all your fingers?" then I'm here to tell you my fingers and toes would look like odd hand/toe gardens and I'd feel like some sort of Barbie doll with all that floral fanciness! Just not my thing, call me crazy.

IN OTHER NEWS.....(Warning : Keep your comments and thoughts inside the ride at all times until I've come to a complete stop....then comment.)

Did anyone catch the MTV Movie Awards? It's pretty much the only show I let myself watch on MTV without feeling ridiculously wasteful or guilty. Did anyone catch it AND think it was....awkward?!

Robert Pattinson is still hot as hell and that will not change, but dear goodness gracious was he the most awkward and most ridiculously odd person there or was it just me? I mean, even his maybe-girlfriend Kristen Stewart was less awkward than him and she usually takes the cake in that department no matter where she is! At least they both looked decent? Say what you will, but I liked her dress actually! And the preview for BD:Part One?! The secret-locked-away Twi-Hard in me came out strong and I was way (way, way) too stoked for that preview!! When Edward broke the headboard......GAWD, the boy's perfection.............if he isn't on stage at the MTV Movie Award messing up the punchline of his motherf*cker joke for Reese. Yep, I said it.

Also, in other awkward-esque & Reese-related news, did Reese seem a bit tipsy when accepting her award? She usually isn't that outspoken and although she still looked and acted classy throughout the speech, she just seemed....loose, but not in the sexual way (as it would just be even more awkward for me to comment on that!) but in the not-nervous-at-all-way in a situation that would be quite nerve-wracking, no? Just my opinion, and GO HER if she was, she deserves a cocktail (or five) for being so awesome and ridiculously gorgeous! Her dress was "eh, whatev" but she rocked it with such confidence, she could have worn a dirty bed sheet and she still would have nailed it.

Harry Potter so got the shaft in so many categories (even the Twi-Hard in me was like, "come onnnnn people!"), but I disagree with them even being placed in the Best Kiss category....seriously? We all know Hermione's love is not with Harry, so let's not recognize it, mmmkay? However, in other HP news, Tom Felton, I have a new found love for you. He looked smoking hot and so dapper in his suit! Perhaps I should have rethought my allegiance early on and been a Slytherin just to, uhhh, Slyther-in to Tom's pants (I had to, I'm sorry!!) But, again, seriously, HP deserved Best Movie, hands down....apparently the MTV Movie Awards turned into the MTV Vamp Awards....kind of lame, I'll be honest.

Did anyone also notice that my gal Selena definitely gave away the Beibs surprise appearance? Everyone was all "Oh, he isn't coming, he isn't here, yadda yadda" and when asked on the carpet by the idiot interviewer who should have already known the answer, Selena stupidly responded with, "Yes!" before quickly changing her answer to, "Oh here?! Oh, no, no, not here." Uh, who is more idiotic then? Maybe Selena thought the interviewer was asking if Justin's puberty was finally here to which she would excitedly (and relieving-ly) respond with a resounding "Yes!" but no....he wasn't asking that, Selena, so you dropped the Surpise Beibs Bomb. You're lucky I still think you're the most normal tween-turned-teen-turned-legal-adult-star out there and not too mention you're way too pretty for any one human being. Her outfit was fun and interesting and not too sexy, Miley should take note! Well played, wizard, and a nice recovery from the "Ooops" interview!

1. The presenters not knowing what to say when Justin won and they still thought he wasn't there, but really, they knew all along and were waiting awkwardly because he was late coming out. ("He must be skyping with Jaden who also isn't here, where are they? ahhh, gahhh, mumble mumble grumble...AHHH, it's JUSTIN!")
2. The camera staying on Kristen during the acceptance of Best Kiss while Rob went to find Taylor to kiss instead, and then Robert awkwardly grabbing Kristen after coming back and saying, "I'm taking you backstage!"....hey, I don't need to know your sexual business unless it's plastered in the tabloids...then--and only then!--do I seem interested, but that's really because you didn't want us to know....when you DO tell us, it's just loses the flair.
3. Emma Stone's voice was completely off from the actual sound during her small performance with Jason....not really that awkward but it created a very "is she or isn't she?" situation and I quickly questioned if it was her singing. I know she was, but an odd lips-don't-fit-recording should make anyone question it! Lest we forget the epic Ashlee Simpson situation where it was a very clear "SHE ISN'T" situation. Thankfully my girl Emma can just chalk this up to bad seven-seconds-delayed editing!
4. All of the bad (and belated!) bleeps -- seriously....if you're bleeping something, we know they shouldn't say it, so it only makes it worse....just let them have their cake and swear at it, too. After all, just like it screwed up Emma's voice, the delay usually doesn't always work out when covering up people's curses....which results in an ass(bleep) sort of covered up the wrong word, genius.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the fashion (although there were no stand-outs for greatness but I should note Leighton's dress was an odd oversized mirror on her body that just did not work), some of the jokes were stellar (Mila and Justin nailed it!) and even some of the awards were well-deserved (like Tom's and Emma's), but I will have to reconsider letting myself watch anything on MTV now without feeling guilty or like a waste of life after all the crap that happened with this award show (I was extremely perturbed with the sketch that showed a male mouse zipping his pants after coming out from under a female mouse skirt before showing the nominees for Best Male Performance....really?! Stop the madness!!) It seems as though MTV has polluted everything they touch with raunchiness, crude humor, and awkward celebrities....and that's just not my thang, bitches. It is my thing, however, to comment about their faults for your reading entertainment!

NOW, tell me your thoughts! Notice anything I missed? Disagree with anything I said? Fill me in, give me your feedback. If you didn't watch it, you're a better human being than I and if you really want to see it, no worries....MTV is notorious for replaying their award shows over and over (and over) again until you can recite the lines perfectly like watching your favorite movie. But at least those reruns stop them from showing even more pregnant teens, dirty guidos, and old has-beens competing for cash....and I'll take bad humor and wrong bleeping over that aforementioned shit any day of the week!

Until next time, as always, farewell my lovahhhs....


  1. Haha I love this! But did you forget when Rob Pat dropped the F*bomb and they messed up the timing on the bleep thing! haha that was the best!

  2. I don't have cable so I didn't get to watch it but Reese looks great! I will forever be a Legally Blonde devotee.

  3. OMGGG you are so funni!!!!!! I completely agreed R-Pattz was WAY more awkward than Kristen this time around!! She did look pretty good - a rarity for her - & still did trip or drop her award on the ground this time!!!!

    Following you back now!! <3

    xo jackie

  4. hahaha yes! I love that you posted about your pedi before ripping the celebs. LOVE IT! I loved what Reese said at the awards

    love from San Francisco,

  5. I didnt watch the mtv movie awards, but Selena looks stunning. :) and cute nails!

  6. nice post and i love you're nails;)

  7. wow I love your blog! I'm following you!
    I hope you will follow me back


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