Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Haul

I decided last minute to not only go to Ulta on Saturday morning but also agreed to go to the mall for a quick trip with my sister. Later, this just resulted in me being a stressed-out psycho while getting ready for Saturday night, but thankfully it is all over now and a new week is starting. Oddly enough, I'm not completely bummed about going back to work. This weekend was so bizarre (for lack of a better word) so I wouldn't mind some normalcy back. Have you ever had those days/weekends/weeks? Am I the only crazy one? Maybe, let's just move on.

It has happened. Just look at the masterpiece I got my little hands on!
YES YES YES, I finally got it! It has been sold out everywhere around me (and even on the site when I looked!), and I never really had high hopes that I'd see it anytime soon, but alas, I did. There were 10 left and even though I didn't really plan on spending a lot at Ulta, I had to have this. I wore it for Saturday night and love it already! So great it came with a mini primer, too! Ahh, it was truly amazing! NOTE: It's also back on the site, in case you want to get yourself one finally, too! The woman at Ulta told me the last time they had it in, they sold all 50 in under 5 hours....that's beauty for you!

I also got the following items pictured below (and then a couple I forgot to add to the photo!):
 Sorry about the poor quality - I was not on my A game today. 

OXFORDS: Forever 21 (in case you can't see the F21 inside the shoe!) and I bought them on a whim (as with the other F21 purchases). I have a pair that looks strikingly similar but they're gray and do not have the cut-out detail. I wear them a lot so I thought getting a neutral pair would be helpful in those last-minute "what do I wear?!" situations. 

TWEEZERS: Here's the photo of them from the site since my photo sucks. I bought the tweezers simply because they were $2 and they have the cutest bow design to them. I have a pair of Tweezerman tweezers that I use all the time, but thought getting a cheap pair would be good to bring along in my purse for those random moments.

EMERY BOARDS: I love cupcakes and who doesn't need a couple extra nail files? I'll admit, I already tossed the one that's all glitter because I can hardly stand it when there is glitter on my hands, but being that these weren't even $2, I didn't see it as a big deal. Come on, though, how cute is the cupcake one?! Love!

NAKED: Thought I'd include the photo where the palette is open. So perfect, so in love!

F21 RING: I always end up buying rings when I go to Forever 21. They are so cheap and they all make perfect additions to my day or night outfits.

BARE ESCENTUALS PRIME TIME FACE PRIMER: I have not used a primer for my face ever since Smashbox's primer (oil-free one) completely broke me out in college. Ok, a bit of an overkill statement, but my face definitely didn't agree with it. I used this primer once I got home for my Saturday night look and it felt awesome. So smooth and silky and not at all greasy. I really like it. I don't know if I'll use it everyday but it definitely helped my makeup stay put (on top of already using my Urban Decay setting spray).

I'm off to bed now to try and get a bit of extra sleep for the week ahead. Nothing too exciting but we have testing this week and then a field trip to see Hairspray with the kiddos - such a glamorous life of being a teacher (sarcasm, sarcasm). Hope you all have a fantastic first week of May with just the right amount of normalcy thrown in ;)

Expect an "April Favorites" tomorrow or Tuesday!

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  1. LOVE the oxfords! Forever21 always surprises me.
    Super cute! Wear them well.



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