Friday, April 29, 2011

ROYAL Friday

First & foremost, let's just mention the obvious.

Can it get any more perfect? She looked stunning, absolutely amazing. Nearly too gorgeous for words.
For anyone who thought she did not have enough "bling" (I hate that word!) or didn't look enough like a princess (read so many comments like the two aforementioned so much on the blogs!), you can bite your tongue (I'd say something else, but we're discussing royalty, it wouldn't be proper!) 
You clearly do not understand pure elegance if you did not like her look. She nailed it. I have never been one for wanting my own "fairytale" wedding but after being glued to my TV today watching Wills & Kate tie the knot (finally!), I have so changed my mind about wanting a true-style "happily ever after." So, so perfect. I couldn't stop smiling for both of them all day long.

British rant over. What were your thoughts? Pippa looked fabulous, too, and I don't care if others thought it was too "sexy"'re clearly just a wee bit jealous that she looked gorgeous. Her & Harry should totally hook up....Chelsea Davy will never be a part of that royal least I hope not!
Give me your royal feedback! (Okay, British rant really over now!)


1. I am very short. In fact, I'm only 5 feet tall, perhaps a smidgen over five feet. I joked when I updated my license when the woman asked, "Is there anything we need to change?" and I replied, "Well ,we can change it to 5'1" and I wouldn't mind." She responded, rather plainly, "Ma'am, we only change what's true." BURN.

2. I met my current significant other in the Starbucks drive-thru. No, he's not a prince in line to be king nor does he live in Buckingham palace, but he's perfect in my eyes. We had always been slightly flirtatious when I would go in for my daily cup of joe and one day, while it was raining, we just decided to talk about more than just my coffee and exchange numbers. We've been together ever since. I'll drink (coffee!) to that.

3. I have 105 scarves. No, I'm not being boastful nor am I being in any way reasonable, but it is what it is. I started collecting them my senior year in high school just because it was quite cold that winter and now it has turned into a full-blown fashion obsession. If my room were on fire, you bet your bottom-dollar I'd grab my scarves second to my baby blankets. (No worries, I'd open the cage door for Auzlow & Luna to fly out!) I have been so lax on the Wednesday scarf posts, but this week in school was crazy busy with the kiddos. We have a field trip next week, too, but I promise more scarf posts, because I love all my babies and I'm a proud (scarf) momma!

4. This has (somewhat) been mentioned before, but I have a slight obsession with John Mayer and his music. My musical tastes are ever-changing, but he certainly stands as a front-runner for life. I have been to about five or so of his live shows and I love him even more after each of them. I know I just mentioned the love of my life in the above fact, but uh....John me. I know you're a whore but you know what they say, "for better, for worse..."

5. I'm more Italian than I am Irish. I look very Irish, what with the blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skin, but in case you didn't know, here's a history lesson for you. The northern part of Italy has many blonde-haired fellows and gals like myself, so despite everyone's Godfather stereotype of dark skin and dark-haired mobsters, I am 75% Italian. My personality gives it away enough for my looks to not have to do the work.

I am off to watch the rest of E! Fashion Police: Royal Wedding Edition. In honor of this show, I'll let you know who completely flopped (aside from the obvious Chelsea Davy....sorry, I'm not on this fellow blonde's side at all!)
Do I even need to explain why this is my worst-dressed pick?
...Beatrice, tisk tisk - the hair, the whore eye makeup....THE HAT (or fascinator)! 
Phillip Treacy, Beatrice is not a girl who can wear anything, even if she is in line for the throne, so best not to listen when she says "Make me a bow that is three times the size of my head!"....this whole look just fell so flat. Oddly enough, though, she still looked better than aforementioned Davy (puke-inducing).
Who was your worst dressed?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Have any exciting plans? I think I'm going to do a mini Ulta trip before getting ready for the birthday bash downtown. Perhaps I'll do an OOTD of my dress and post my Ulta buys (if I ever get out of bed and go!) 

Farewell, until next time....


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