Monday, April 25, 2011

Twenty-Three Reasons to LOVE Life!

My title has everything to do with the fact that (SURPRISE!) I am the big 2-3 today - Happy Birthday to me! I know I have been posting about Easter and my boyfriend's birthday, but today is all about me, bitches! After all, that is how birthdays work (even when you're a twin like me and have to share the day!)

So yes, my birthday fell on a holiday weekend, so I had double the celebrations, especially since the boyfriend's birthday is exactly one day before mine....killing many birds with one stone here! If you read my Saturday OOTD post, date night was actually for both of us and we bought one another a couple of gifts before dinner and drinks; overall, it was a very fun night!

I have off again today due to the kiddo's spring break (last day, though, sigh), so I'm going on a mini shopping spree today, thanks to my wonderful and loving parents! Before I post what I buy (later today - edit to come after shopping!), I thought I'd share my gifts of makeup very first that I received on Easter and on birthday date night!

My first two Coastal Scents palettes! - 88 Warm Palette & 88 Metal Mania Palette
Benefit Perfect 10 Highlighter/Bronzer (have been dying for this!)
NARS Lipgloss in Orgasm
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (also been dying for this!)
Sephora Clensing Brush (only used once but already love it!)
d.j.v. Fiberwig Lash Extension Mascara (random brand, I know, but it was under their "Top Selling Mascaras"....and, uh, it fucking rocks! Go buy it nowww!)

88 Warm Palette

88 Metal Mania Palette

I plan on going to Express, Forever 21, and H&M and perhaps a few others for the mini shopping trip. If you're interested in seeing that "haul" let me know!

UPDATE (4/26/2011) - Birthday fun is finally over...until Saturday when we go downtown, but that's for another post! Here's the "haul" as I mentioned earlier, with some "extra" gifts thrown in that I got from the boyfriend.

Photos below are taken from site because I like the way those photos look as opposed to my own - after all, sites take these photos to "sell" you the items, so they always look better than what my own camera can do, right? Right.

This is uh-mazing to fun and just the perfect amount of "sparkle" (might need to click on the photo for zoom & full effect!) It has a great ombre effect, too, which I love in scarves. I'm pretty sure I need to keep up with the scarf posts, as I realized this weekend I have nearly 100 of, not kidding, I admit I have a problem.
[also got a lipgloss there to complement my new favorite pale pink lipstick - no photo needed, right?]

I have to admit, I'm quite short so I just recently got into the maxi look. I plan on wearing this on Saturday with my brown wedges. It hits the floor when I wear it so the wedges will only be seen when I walk. I kind of prefer it that way as to how it looks on this model. It's a very slimming dress, too, and the detail is very fun in person.

I showed my boyfriend this and he replied, "This is the [insert my name] shirt. You have so many of these!" He is right, too, but they are the perfect type blouses for "I have NO idea what to wear" days - we all have them, no? A fun, trendy print without being tacky. I was digging it. F21 is good at pumping these suckers out, too, so I go there often to stock up on the latest for work, nights out, etc.
The front of this tank is just black with a little side breast pocket (such an odd term), so I posted the photo that highlights the back. A simple black top with a bit of spunk - think it'll pair well with sassy skirts. Yes, just said "sassy skirts" I lame or what?
This knucle ring look so much more badass in person. It's a simple gold, not so brassy as it is in the photo, and it just looks "hammered" in for a vintage effect. I love knucle rings. They make my small hands look tougher!

Just a simple but chic ring to add a bit more spunk to outfits. It actually streches in the very back, which I typically hate because it gives the ring a very cheap feel, but this one only stretched under your finger (if that makes sense) and the sides are still structured, as you may be able to tell in the photo. Love the marbled effect.

Cat's out of the bag - I'm a nit lion! If you have never heard of Penn State, then we can no longer be friends...I kid, I kid! I typically do not go for the PINK's college or NFL collection, but I loved this shirt (left shows front, right shows back)'s so simple, so cute, and no actual pink anywhere on it (I typically hate the color pink!) My mother actually despises PSU (but still let me go, God bless her!) so she nearly gagged when she saw I bought this with my parent's birthday funding, but hey, I am always going to be a nit it is perfect! Are you a PSU fan? If so, please let me know!! WE ARE... (okay, PSU rant done now!)

Photos to come (currently at work and they didn't save correctly, so I'll have to reload them again, damnit. And yes, I'm blogging from work. I have free periods, no worries, I'm not failing our youth just sitting here typing! It keeps me sane to blog during my "free" time!) I got another maxi dress (tan with a peacock-like feather detailing everywhere) and a tan cardigan that is very grandma-chic!


In case you have not read my Skincare post (look below!), I mentioned I was going to need a new bottle. I normally don't want "normal" items as birthday gifts, but I love this stuff, so to me it was no question. Seriously, love.

I should note here that I fully condone the use of Philosophy products, no matter what kind of skin you have - they cover it all! Their "Hope in a Jar" has been raved about by so many people (including Oprah!) and I have never used one of their products and didn't like the way it worked. That being said, I've never used this before, but it's supposed to be similar to microdermabrasion but in a "gentle" wash. I'll let you know what I think of it - review to come? Who knows. Most likely!

This now ends our portion of the mini shopping spree. (Sorry, we just had standardized testing and I had to read that almost every hour for FOUR hours...."This now ends our Math Testing Portion...." Gag.)

Last but certainly not least, the boyfriend came over late last night to deliver even more gifts (I am the first to admit I am one lucky gal). So on top of the Sephora purchases he made for me on our "birthday date night" (posted above - sans Too Faced and CS palettes), he delivered these bad boys!

Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Wallet
I love everything yellow right now (hello, nails in OOTD post on Saturday!) so this was the perfect gift! He probably just got sick of me saying, "I need a new wallet!" everytime we went out. The card slots are a bit tight (that's what she said...stop, disgusting, moving on!) but I'm sure it's just the new-ness. My last wallet was much more card/space friendly, but this one is way cuter, so fashion defeats function in this one!
Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Set (Perfume, Lotion, Mini Roller)
Yes, yes, yes, yesssss! I finally got it - and the ridiculous thing is he didn't even know I wanted it (when he's good, he's good). I have it on today and it just smells so fresh and fun and basically perfect. I am a fan of anything Marc Jacobs, but Daisy is my favorite of his scents by far! I was a giddy little child when I opened this!

So overall, turning 23 went pretty damn well! Like I mentioned before, we're throwing a bit of a bash Saturday downtown with all of our friends and family members (or rather, my family members since his are still too young for drinking), so I'll have to post my look with the new F21 dress on Saturday. Off I go to educate our world, as I only have a smidgen of minutes left in my "free" time. Do you have any of the purchases I mentioned above? If so, let me know what you think of them. Even if you don't, I'd love to hear your feedback!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I apologize for the mammoth-sized update! Birthday post is officialy blown out....get it, like a birthday candle? The lameness never stops!


  1. happy birthday! and YES PLEASE to the birthday haul! So excited to see your looks with the CS palettes!

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    I also Wanted to try out the Two Face Products.
    My Birthday is in 3 days!

  3. I have Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and absolutely love it, I use it almost everyday!

  4. Ok, you have convinced me to try Philosophy skincare. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  5. Hope you had a great birthday.

    I have a generic-branded Metal Mania palette since I could get it for $15 instead of $40+. I love how it has neautrals and some colours in it.

    I found your blog on Elle& in a "follow my blog" section.

    I love your blog and I would love it if you could follow back pubicly:


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) I hope it was an absolutely amazing day! So funny you feature the maxi from forever 21, I just tried it on, it is really cute! xo

  7. looks like a super fun birthday!

    Love your blog, following you now! Be sure to check out the giveaway on my blog!

  8. I am so jealous about palletes:D, Happy birthday


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