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As bloggers, we tend to have this wonderful page full of information on whatever it is our heart so desires, but we (some of us, included!) tend to neglect the straight-forward, fact-of-the-matter aspect to ourselves, so to go hand-in-hand with my Sunday Photos, I will post 5 facts on Friday about yours truly. It's just a chance for you to see me in a different light, so let's go for it & see how it works.

1. I am a twin. He was born 2 minutes before me, the jerk-face. I love him dearly, though. We have the same first initial so my parents always called us "TnT" because we were truly explosive in attitude and behavior as youngsters...and even now, I suppose.
TnT - (this was on vacation so we are, uh, slightly drunk in this photo, 
so excuuuse the blank faces  & sunburned skin)

2. I was a fashion student....for one hot semester. Yes, I know (if you have read my posts before) that I now educate our youth. Such was not the case when I first started college however many years ago. I was a fashion frenzied, starry-eyed gal with big dreams to be this amazing fashion editor. Then, one day, my mind just flipped on another switch, and I knew at that moment, I was in the wrong place. Teaching and education was always in the back of my mind but it never really stood up against my interest in fashion. After leaving my fashion final (in which I let three of my fellow fashion friends cheat off of me because I did have quite the knack for it....stop, I'm not bragging. If anything, I'm admitting my fault in being a bad student), I left campus the same day and set foot on a different that led me to where I am today...and I love that.

3. I am terrified of spiders. An uncontrollable, overtly awful, irrational fear of spiders. The tiniest, littlest eight-legger can send me into full blown panic. Other crawlies give me the creeps too (stink bugs, EW!) but none of them hold a candle to spiders. Last week, I even stood on my teacher chair, shaking like a leaf, as one of my students came up and killed a spider for me...(way to go Miss Smith, really showing your students how to be!) Even photos of them make my heart race with fear, as if it will jump off the page and eat my face. I'm completely normal not normal.....

4. I have one tattoo and I got it almost a year ago. My sister's fiance is a tattoo artist and I am always one for impulsive things. I thought about what I wanted, why I wanted it, and decided it'd be perfect to do it the day I decided to...all in a month. It just came to me and stuck with me immediately. It's the roman numeral four and it's on my left forearm (because I'm left-handed), right before the bend in my elbow (does that place have a name?) I got it because I am the fourth child in my family and I was born in the fourth month of the year (birthday is ten days from today, actually!) I chose to do a roman numeral because I'm also a writer and I did a series of poems with roman numerals to represent them as a series on the same female character. I always enjoyed the fourth poem in that set the most, so I decided it was a perfect fit. I got the tattoo on the last day of the fourth four p.m. I know, a bit thorough, but I am big with patterns and archetypes. Hence making this fact #4....ok, I'm done now!
(the day after I got it)

5. I have a very (sometimes very) abrasive, honest-to-goodness, take-it-or-leave it personality. I don't sugarcoat it, I can be brash at times, but I never use humor to make you feel less about yourself, because honey, that's just not how I operate. I do, however, use it just about any and every other time, because laughter can cure almost anything. I think my humor and stand-out personality came from being the youngest in a big family (well, a normal-sized family of BIG personalities) and I was determined to find my own footing, regardless of what anyone said. I swear like a sailor (even my brother tells me to cool it...but I do cool it in front of my students...never slipped once!), I use the word "bitch" endearingly (just ask my sisters) and as honest as I am, I am also one of the most ridiculously loving people on the planet. It's a perfect combination that I've developed in my 22 years and I have no one but myself to blame for it. And that, my friends, is just the way I like it.

There you have it, five basic facts for Friday. Feel free to make this a "TAG" and write 5 facts about yourself every Friday. What are your plans for tonight/this weekend?; shopping, drinks, dinner, movies? Whatever you're doing, enjoy yourself and those around you. Keep on keeping on and life will be good to you in return.

Farewell, my Friday lovahs. Until next time....


  1. I hate spiders too. I try to tell myself that they're out there getting rid of all insects on my behalf, but it makes no difference - I just want them dead. My roommate, however, simply will not let me end life in our apartment, so she restrains me whenever I reach for the box of kleenex. She's one of *those*.

  2. love your tattoo its really unique !

  3. yes, i know *those* people because my boyfriend always says "they aren't hurting me" but he still kills them after i demand them to be gone!

    and thank you for the compliment, i'd like to think it's unique, too :) i'm looking into another one but placement is the big thing for me, so that'll take me some time! haha

  4. I love posts like this! I really like your tattoo, and I share your fear of spiders haha! I am actually in uni doing teaching right now, and loving it! Following you now :)


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