Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bedtime Stories

We all have a nightstand, correct? Even if we don't, we at least have a space where all things go for our snooze fest to be complete. In honor of my "stay-in-Saturday" I figured a post on my bedroom nightstand was pretty fitting!

First's of a photo of said nightstand...

(My nightstand is covered by one of my baby blankets....I may or may not still sleep with the other one given to me...hey, we all have our quirks. Anyways, it was made by my grandmother and has my full name and birthday embroidered on it. I didn't know where else to keep it, so it just lies on my nightstand under everything else.)
1. Vintage Box with randomness; Goody Boar Bristle/Plastic Bristle Hairbrush
2. Eye Mask (for day naps & nights when the TV is too bright)
3. Two magazines, both Elle
4. Two notebooks, for last minute poetry and late-night writings
5. Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy Lip Treatment (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!)
6. Vintage Wire Container (in the back) contains:
*Book Mark
*2 pairs of glasses
*Two Pens
*Hand Lotion
*Midol (hey, don't judge)
*Checks (no clue why; can't remember the last time I wrote a check!)
*Denim Bow Clip from H&M (on the front, for last-minute hair fixes)
*Spare Contact Case (even though I rarely take my contacts out...again, don't judge!)

My cell phone usually goes on the nightstand, too, so I threw it in for the photo. Most of the time it ends up in bed with me (along with my mac and alarm's a big bed...)

I keep my alarm clock in bed because it's easier to press snooze that way....yep, completely goes against the use of having an alarm clock, but whatever. I set my phone alarm, too, just to be safe.

What do YOU keep by your bed? Do you have any items that are a must use before bed? Do you, too, end up sleeping with your phone and/or anything else odd?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I have been so on-the-go lately, I'm thrilled to have a weekend in! Tomorrow is an errand day, but I also find those very relaxing, so no complaints here.

See you when I see you....farewell for now.


  1. cutee! I do the same with my with alarms but opposite I set my phone with the time I should get up and then keep it close to me so I can hit snooze but then I set an alarm clock and set it half way across my room with the time that I must get up or I will be late :p

  2. oh my god!
    amazing blog, i'm your new follower!
    love your BB!
    Hope you follow me ;)


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