Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OOTD & Tune Tuesday (Warning: LOTS of photos ahead...)

I have never done an "OOTD" because during the week, I just rock my teacher attire, and although I try to be somewhat fashion-forward, I don't always go above and beyond...after all, my kiddos couldn't care less what I'm wearing. I do get the comments from my gals saying I dress better than most teachers (which is sometimes true!) but for the most part, it's very simple during the week. It's rainy here today, though, and I just felt like putting some pep in the day by doing something different....so here is my first "OOTD : Teacher Edition."

*Photo quality sucks today, my camera was being a huge bitch.
I promise better quality if I decide to do another OOTD*

Pants - Mood (a store at college)
Shirt - The Loft (such a teacher store!)
Cardigan, Ring, Necklace, Shoes - Forever21(yes, a teacher wearing F21 clothes....)
Nail Color - Essie's Lapis of Luxury

That ends the OOTD : Teacher Edition! Now onto even more...

I recently saw a post on Dream Out Loud's blog (check her out!) about the music she has been listening to as of late. I thought about doing a post on music, as well, and since "tune" and "Tuesday" start with "t" it seemed to work out just fine for me ;) So, here are some of my all-time favorites, broken down by songs, artists, and albums. Dig in and enjoy the musical snack!


Talkshow Host by Radiohead - I actually posted this song in the comment section in the aforementioned blog, but seriously, it probably is my favorite song. If a song can ooze sex and funk all at once, this song does it flawlessly. Go listen to it right this second. I know when I just feel like "agfgh all the songs suck right now" that I can go to this little diddy and life is once again restored.

In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer - I have been addicted (yes, addicted) to John Mayer and his music since the 8th grade. I have every album, both studio and live, and can listen to him endlessly. In my old bedroom before I left for college, the wall behind my door was dedicated to him....yep, I was that girl in HS. I was not so publically crazed about him (aka waiting backstage to rip his shirt off or scream his name as he enters venues for late-night shows....beiber fever is not my thing) but I definitely love him and his music. He's got talent, mah-jor talent, even if he did fuck Taylor Swift and leave her hanging. Sorry, too abrasive? Too bad. The girl had it coming, he's a notorious player....he can play me anytime, though. Right, back to the song. It's soft and calm but has a great flow and just feels right anytime of the day.

Little Lover's So Polite by Silversun Pickups - If you have never heard of this band, you need to go & download their music. This song is fantastic, both lyrically and musically. End of story. They have a ton of songs that I am in love with, but I go back to this one like the hot ex-boyfriend in college that did too many drugs. So there's that.

*Let it be known the bands/artists mentioned above are automatically on this list. Since they were previously mentioned, however, I will add more under this list.

 The Faint - So musically appealing and they're from....Nebraska? Not hating on Nebraska, but these kiddos have the sound that is more Euro Rock than, well, anything from Nebraska. Never listened to a song by them that I didn't love.

Ellie Goulding - She sounds like La Roux and Oh Land mixed into one, which is right up my musical alley. Her album "Lights" is definitely one to check out for those who appreciate funky beats with a soft female voice to complement them.

Adele - Love, love, love. That's all I can say. Smooth, soulful, powerful, and just all around fierce. Her sophomore album surpasses her first in my opinion but both are still very good.


Oh Land (self-titled album) - Awesome the entire way through. She has such an interesting sound that I cannot seem to tire of.

Sara Bareilles, Kaleidoscope Heart - Such a fun, upbeat album with a lot of spunk. She has a great voice in my opinion and some of her songs are just great for singing in the car (yep, I'm that girl!) She goes well with sunshine, too, as a side note.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, By The Way - Some albums are great for just looking back on memories and this album does that for me. It brings me to this happy and carefree place of high school, where my concerns seemed so large but pale in comparison to now. I loved those days, so I, in turn, love this album.

There you have it, a tuneful Tuesday with a teacher outfit thrown in. That last sentence sure did have a lot of "t" words...a perfect way to end, well, Tuesday!

Keep on keeping on...


  1. Cute! Such a fashionable teacher! In love with the idea for tune tuesdays! As much as I love beauty and fashion I love music just as much! Will be checking out some of the bands that your mentioned and I already love adele and ellie goulding!


  2. Cute!! Love the idea.

    That ring is absolutely gorgeous by the way!


  3. Oooo i love the ring you have on :)


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