Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dads Rock (or at least mine does!)

Holy Happy, Thursday! (Isn't today actually called "Holy Thursday" due to Easter on Sunday? I think so...) Anyways, quick post because I wanted to share with you my new find...or more so, my dad's find which was my gain!

He found these sunglasses while he & my mom were doing some mah-jor spring cleaning and he had a hunch I'd love them...and he was so very right!

Pretty sure Ray-Ban and other great designers make glasses like these for easily over $100 and my dad just gave them to me for FREE.99, bitches. (Sorry, my boyfriend says that when something is free, it's so terribly awful but I felt the need to use it here. Apologies sent for my lame-ass-ness.) Apparently my dad rocked them "back in the day" in college when it was okay to do drugs before you took final exams (or so he told me....) I will cherish them as if I did pay a pretty penny for them, because they are perfect for the S/S seasons!

Do you have a favorite pair of shades currently? I will still wear my aviators and wayfarers, but these are so fucking fresh, I can hardly take it! Oh, and as a side note, the leather jacket that is ever so slightly present in the photos is Silence & Noise from Urban Outfitters. Oh, and another side note....sorry for the lackluster's ridiculously windy here so I saw no point in styling it.

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day. The kiddos (and the rest of the district, for that matter) have off for Spring Break, so I had the chance to sleep in, go out to breakfast, and run a shit ton of errands. Who doesn't love being productive? I think my over productivity deserves a nap....which is quite counterproductive, which makes perfect sense to me!

Enjoy yourselves. Keep on keeping on, as always!


  1. That's awesome your dad still had them, they look great on you! My mom saves things like that as well. It is very convient since most styles seem to come back around at some point :)

  2. Love them on you! I wish my dad had cool sunglasses... he usually breaks them all!



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