Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday, Friday, Getting Down on Friiiday

Had to, sorry. Moving on...

This isn't an exciting post but it IS another five Friday facts for your reading pleasure. I did close to nothing today which was fantastic because the weather was positively dreadful.  The boyfriend and I also have a special date night tomorrow so I decided to do the whole face mask, mani, pedi, bubble bath extravaganzaaaa in lieu of getting drinks with my sisters. I also went on a VERY mini haul to CVS after watching youtubers and reading beauty blogs. I bought the Revlon Colorstay foundation and matching concealer...didn't even realize the dude at the register did not give me the buy one/get one 50% off deal until after I got home...the jerk face! Does he know nothing about great beauty deals? Sigh...Also, I did a great deal of web surfing so before the real post, here's a mini post on that!

[If you are into beauty just as much as I am, two GREAT websites to check out are and the just released - the first is a site created by two of the best beauty gurus from youtube & the second is actually Lauren Conrad's new site with her hair & makeup artists! I love Lauren Conrad so this site is awesome; both sites include a lot of good tips and just random posts that bring out the girly girl in all of us. I spent much of my time on both of these websites today during my lazy hours! Also, another youtuber that's great is MissGlamorazzi's channel. What are some of your favorite beauty websites or favorite beauty youtubers?]

Ok, side notes over....onto the real post!
1. I have two parakeets.  I must truly be the queen of impulsive purchases, because both birds were purchased, well, quite impulsively. I went with my mom on a random food run for the pets and ended up buying birds. I call them love birds even though they aren't technically love birds. They are named Auzlow (boy) and Luna (girl). I love their names more than I love their constant squawking (which is only annoying when I'm trying to nap or iChat with friends) but they are both pretty stinking cute. Auzlow (mainly blue with navy and white detailing) is named such because I love the name but my parents told me they would never accept it if I named my future son "Auzlow" so my male bird got the title. Luna (mainly white with blue and black detailing) got her name because I love Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood is so ridiculously weird that she is ridiculously awesome. Luna and Auzlow are two peas in a pod and they both love bopping around to Silversun Pickups and La Roux (esp. Auzlow!)
(Auzlow during the first week I got him...about two years ago.)

2. I have never seen Titanic. I never thought this was weird until I told someone this fact in college and they literally gasped. I'm not a huge movie buff, but I have become more of a movie watcher in the recent years than I was back in the Titanic days. I really don't have any intention of watching it, either, which might make this fact even more earth shattering. Sorry, hopeless romantics, not happening.

3. I'm definition....but a true left-handy at heart. I only write with my left hand and do everything else right-handed (i.e. cutting, using a mouse, tumbling, golfing, get the point). I write better cursive with my right but use my left for normal hand-writing. My twin is right-handed, as is everyone else in my family. My mother was left-handed but she attended a strict all-girls school in elementary and they required all students to write boring, so trivial! Perhaps that is how I got my ambi talent, but I love being a left-handed kiddo, too. In my Latin class (still no idea why I took it for three years!) in high school, exactly half of the students were, right? Maybe? I thought so.

4. I still sleep with my baby blanket. There. I said it. Gifted to me by my grandmother, who died when I was only 2. My twin brother had a matching blue one but who knows where it is now. Mine, on the other hand, is now in three pieces and I must count all three before I go to bed, just so I know they are all there. It is so childish, but I love love love my blanket, such a great source of comfort. In college, I roomed with seven other girls during sophomore year (WHYYYY, I still ask myself!) and 3 of us still slept with our baby blankets. One of my roommates actually had hers no matter where she was in our place...she'd bring it to the dinner table even! That's dedication.

5. When I'm not out, I'm in a ridiculously huge fuzzy robe. Hello, Rachel Zoe. Doesn't it seem like she always did the same thing on her Bravo show? Either way, it is my version of changing into sweats, which I sometimes do, but my robe will still go over them. I love my robe, it makes me feel much more glamorous even if I'm slumming around with nowhere to go. I also have another robe which I always wear when I'm doing my hair and's much lighter and shorter so I don't sweat off while drying my hair and/or doing my makeup.

Sorry these facts were no fun, but perhaps you also share one or more of these traits? The baby blanket? The ambi hands? The fuzzy robe? Share your "about me" facts, I'd love to read them!

Also, if you have used Revlon Colorstay, I'm dying to know your thoughts. I heard so many good things from people online that I just went for it. I'm trying it out tomorrow before "date night" so hopefully it looks good! Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend :)


  1. Haha I'm such a closeted Hills fan, and both those sites are already on my most-visited list.

    Revlon Colorstay's pretty good for full coverage - it's the one I use in most of my photos because it hides EVERYTHING, but it can get a little cakey so I have to be really careful about applying it if I'm wearing it out and about.

    I had a right-handed friend who taught herself to write with her left hand after someone told her that lefties are smarter! It came in super handy (no pun intended!) when she broke her arm =P!

  2. I've never seen the Titanic either!!!!

    Check out my blog at

  3. I love the idea of your Friday posts! I read all the ones you have up and I love you personality, lol I am seeing a lot of similarity to myself = D

    I wonder if the readers of my blog would enjoy these post or if they are too personal? Hmmm as a reader and commenter on my blog what do you think? Should I do it or skip it?

  4. I think it's something fun for me to do once a week - it kind of forces you to really think about yourself. I say go for it - I'd love to read everyone's "Friday Facts!"


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