Friday, April 8, 2011

March Favorites

Yes, it's almost the second week of April (woot, woot!), but I figured I'd still throw in a March Favorites, because who doesn't love to hear about other people's obsessions, so they, too, can go on and obsess about it. It's a vicious but fantastic cycle that I thoroughly enjoy each month!

Considering it's the third month of the year, I chose three items for three different categories (nothing like a good archetype!) The categories chosen are simply Fashion, Beauty, and Miscellaneous.

1. My new Tribal Print Scarf from Forever21. I bought this scarf online, and it was actually the first time I ever ordered anything through F21's online store. I am big on knowing how it looks beforehand, but with scarves, anything and everything goes. This print is awesome for spring and summer (yes, I still rock them as wraps or in my hair throughout the hot months!) and on top of it being a great price ($6.50), it also supported the disaster in Japan. I bought it the day F21 was donating all of their proceeds to the relief efforts in Japan. Win-win....congrats to F21 for raising over $2mil for the cause.

2. Bamboo Heels from Forever 21. I bought these at the tail-end of March and I am already obsessed. They were extremely affordable and after a night out, on my feet for most of it, they held up really well...I can't always say that about F21's shoes, but these are by another brand (Bamboo) so that could justify the reason as to their sturdiness. They are perfect for summer, because I love black heels, but the cork heel and platform gives them a nice summery edge. Order your own pair!

3.If you are reading this and do not follow the site,, QUICK....follow them & get their email updates NOW. Did you do it? Awesome. I found this site through them and although they rarely send me shoe ideas that I enjoy (they must think I'm a lady of the night who wears fishnets and hot pink patent heels....yikes!), I fell in love with these wedges and had to have them. I love a solid wedge, and the price of their shoes are extremely reasonable. Note: Do not join JustFab if you are forgetful; they'll charge your card every month if you do not tell them to "skip" the month in the first five days (i.e. March 1-5). It's a killer, I've forgotten twice (whoops!) The plus side was you can go back and redeem the "credit" to buy a pair, but if you didn't have the money in your account, it'd definitely be an overdrawal...that's never classy, my loves. This specific pair was a product of my forgetfulness, so I suppose I'll be thankful.

1. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray - I have an older sister who is a manager at a beauty store and salon. How she never told me the wondrous world of makeup setting spray is beyond me. I sometimes forget to spray it after my makeup, but even on those days when I still sprayed it before my makeup application, I definitely notice a different in the way my makeup lasts. I have makeup on by 6am and it rarely comes off before 10pm (on these days it's typically only foundation, powder, and blush), so a makeup setting spray is a lifesaver. After all, I don't want to be the teacher with melting makeup. Not that I wear enough for that, but the analogy fit. Let's roll with it. The one I have is specified for "Oil-Control" which I like because I have combo skin on some days and need the extra help!

2. Vitamin E Night Cream from The Body Shop - I never stepped foot into a Body Shop until my friend needed to buy some Tea Tree Oil for her face that she clearly didn't need. However, I'm glad she wasted her money (she later stopped using it; I love Tea Tree, don't interpret this otherwise), because I found a fantastic night cream that I cannot go to bed without! It's so gentle on my skin and it gives me a great glow in the morning, making me think I can just go to work without makeup...but, darlings, I'd never do such a thing. I use the Vitamin E Eye Cream, too, and my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for using anti-aging items now, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I'll slather them on until they run out...and then I'll run out to buy more!

3. SJP NYC Fragrance - I have a confession to make: I rarely wear perfume. I am so forgetful half the time and leave the house without it on, but I've had this fragrance just sitting in my room and realized, "Hey, you smell fantastic for spring!" It supposed to be the carrie-bradshaw-in-a-perfume type smell, so if smelling like her makes me smell better, I'm fine with that. I did remember to spritz it on today, for the record.

1. Water for Elephants (the book) - It started slow, I won't lie, but by the end, I became so excited to see the movie. The fact they picked the absolutely delicious RPatz for the gig (sorry, werewolf lovers!) makes the movie that much better! I hope the movie does the book justice, though. As an English teacher, I love reading, so I will always be a book-better-than-movie type, but I allow RPatz to prove me wrong. Bring it on, vamp. (Note to Twi-hards: RPatz plays someone named "Jacob" in the movie....ridic!)

2. Felt-Tip Pens - I have a serious obsession with these pens as I use them for everything at work! Just the other day, I had to be out for appoitnments, and I came back to find the sub had taken the pink pen from my collection! The kiddos know never to touch my desk and, really, I find it hard to believe my classes would be so bold as to take something from me. I don't even love the pink pen, but it was clearly the principle of the matter. I went out that very same day and bought a new set of replace the ONE stolen, of course (hey, I never said I was level-headed). I now have a variety of colors and I am sure they are all still there at the end of each day. If you were a teacher, you'd think this was entirely normal.
NOTE: I am a new teacher. I know I look young but I just graduated not even a year ago (Go PSU!) My new perspective on teaching and how it affects my life will surely seep into this blog in the future, as it already has in this post!

3. Satin Eye Mask - I will forever be afraid of the dark (hey, we all have our faults). This eye mask is perfect to block out the Bravo Houswives on my TV but still gives me the comfort of knowing there's light in my room if I take the eye mask off. I can sleep with noise but the light has been an issue as of late (old age? kidding...) This satin fabric lets my skin breathe, too, so I don't feel like I'm trapped. I may very well be addicted to it like I am to a baby blanket (did I just type that?) and I have a feeling from here on out, I'll be frantically trying to find it in my mass of sheets and pillows just so I can snooze. It's from Target for $4.99...can't beat it. (I suppose this could fall under beauty, but whatever...this is my blog, isn't it?)

So there you have it, my faves for March. Go out and buy the ones that interest you. What were YOUR March faves? Let me know so I can get in on the addiction, too!


  1. really wanna try the urban decay de slick and the slik eye mask is going on my shopping list!

  2. Thanks for following my blog. Your blog is adorable. I will make sure to keep reading! I love your reviews!

  3. I've got the same pen obsession with you! I always buy so many colors, they kinda help me when studying (or, that is just a lie I keep telling to my self).

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  4. haha thank you for making me feel normal then! by the way, i love your site, it is great! i'll definitely keep following up on it.

  5. Nice post. Check out my monthly favourites here:

    I love your blog and I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow back pubicly:


  6. wooow
    Lovely first shoes!!!

    Great post honey!

    Ivânia Diamond*

    Portuguese Fashion Blogger


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