Sunday, April 10, 2011

ELF Haul

I woke up on Saturday feeling like a truck had slammed into my head. Yes, I drank entirely too much which is something I rarely do. (ok, rarely is a bit drastic, but let me have some pride...) Anywho, the whole day was a wash aside from some errands and dinner with friends. I slept when I was not out, so I was left in a daze of uncomfortable hangover-awake-ness well into Sunday morning (aka 2am) Yes, I get it, my love, I was still feeling like a pile of a hot mess piece of shit that late into the weekend. So how did I fix it? Well, I ordered makeup online. Let's just say I woke up this morning feeling refreshed.

I decided to write about the haul before the said haul actually arrives on my doorstep. I thought if there was any product I absolutely adored or absolutely despised, reviews could follow after. I bought ten products totaling $28 (hello, free shipping code!)

Since the company breaks it down for the blonde in us all (I can say that, being a true blonde), I will break down my haul by EYES, LIPS, FACE. I'm genius, you don't have to tell me twice (sarcasm should be everyone's best friend).


1. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black and Plum (Both $1) - I already have used this product before and it works really well....until three-four weeks later when it doesn't work at all because it has dried up into a puny little bitch. I can get them at my Target but I figured I might as well order them while I was on the site spree. The plum has actually won an award in some Spanish magazine, and I've been digging the dark purple eye look lately, so I will let you know how well it stands against the classic black.

2. Essential Duo Eyeshadow in Blueberry ($1) - I was going to order the pigment color that looked like this, but then thought, "Well for $2 less, I could just snag this eyeshadow." I always thought blue eyeshadow was reminiscent of Christina Aguilera circa genie in a bottle (not a good time for fashion!) so I strayed away from the look. I think navy tones work really well with gold tones, though, so I plan on using the darker color for different smokey eye looks. The light blue, well, time will tell, but I know what color to go to when I want to feel like a cheap whore.

3. Studio Pigment Shadow in Golden Goddess and Magical Maroon (Both $3) - I thought these colors looked great online, so I hope they look just as good in person. I thought the second color was actually called "Magical Mushroom" so I clearly had my head in some sort of hangover gutter when ordering that specific color (Note: I do not do drugs....unless you consider caffeine and alcohol....then yes, I really really really do drugs.) I always wanted to try MAC pigments, but as someone who doesn't always wear eye makeup, I figured buying pigments for $3 is a good way to figure out what works for me before I play with the big boys (i.e. buying your head may be in the gutter!)


1. Studio Matte Lip Pencil in Coral ($3) - I don't like the look of this "pencil" but the color looked great for summer. I never line my lips (don't judge me), but I still like the occasional lip color that comes from a lipstick and not just a tinted lip balm. I currently have 8 Stila lipglosses that I go in between, because they were all in a set at Urban Outfitters, but I want to try and get into some lipsticks for spring because so many of the colors are great. Hopefully this one looks just as good in person.

2. Mineral Lipstick in Pouty Petal ($5) - The most expensive thing I ordered, go figure. I thought it looked a bit like viva glam gaga (edition 1), so I just went for it. If it doesn't look like it, it still seems like a great pink to try out with different looks. I am a bit apprehensive though as my beauty pet peeve are those trashy girls who bronze themselves until they look like my camel Marc Jacobs and then add white eyeshadow to their brow bones and top off the look with the most frosted pink glitter lipgloss they can find. You KNOW the girls I am talking about. They will forever live in this world of over-tanned skin, early wrinkles, frosted lips, and the photos where those said lips are permanently placed in the most obnoxious pucker.....and if you have no clue what I just ranted about, I am envious of your ignorance on the matter (I'm using ignorant in a positive manner here, too.)


1. Mineral Boosting Collection Powder ($3) - I needed a new finishing face powder and this one looked pretty promising. Not very big but also very cheap so it should be no problem to replace. I'm hoping it's not too cakey and blends in nicely; if I do a review on any of the products, expect it to be this one!

2. Daily Brush Cleanser ($3) - I have been looking for a simple daily cleaner and this seemed to hit the nail on the head. I try to be diligent about deep cleaning my brushes once a week, but alas, I'm only human and that doesn't always happen. This should help the lazy bitch in me be a little more motivated.

3. Studio Stipple Brush ($3) - Ever since I bought the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, my makeup has looked so much fresher. I bought this brush for all my liquid and cream blushes. I've heard it's great for stippling on those specific formulas. I actually was going to buy two, but figured I'd just order one and try it out before I go ahead and say it's amazing before it even touches my face...I tend to do that a lot.

So that's that, all those products for UNDER $ truly can't beat it. If you've tried out e.l.f. before, what are your favorite products? If you have any of the ones I've mentioned above, let me know what you think of them!


  1. I haven't tried any of these but I do have 3 of the eye encyclopedia palettes and I really like them. they have 16 shadows and 2 cream shadows each, plus a mini brush and sponge applicator and a mini eye pencil. They had a 3 for $10 deal earlier this year so I couldn't resist! They are reasonably good quality, not great, but it is like 6 cream shadows and 48 baked shadows for $10! Crazy! I also looove the studio powder brush :)

  2. i've only tried elf's gel eyeliner, its good but it can wear off easily (around 3-5 hrs) i live in a very humid country so maybe that has something to do with it? :)

    great post! and i am looking forward to try more elf products, its been getting good reviews lately. :)

    please visit my website thank you!

  3. the stiffle brush sounds great and only $3!!



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