Friday, February 10, 2012

You Look Smash*ing, Dear!

It may be the teacher in me, but I suuuure do love me some organization!
I also drool over the Erin Condren planners just as much as the next girl....

BUT I am not about to spend $50 on a planner that isn't exactly what I want.
That makes me sound like a bitch....but what I mean is, don't you also love when your planner is unique to you?
Then perk up and listen about my new purchase that is smash-ing if I do say so myself ;)

SMASH Journals (not a journal at all, though, sorry Judy Blume types)

I was out at different craft stores with my sister and momma bear to look at wedding supplies (for my sister, not me, silly ones) when I saw this section of "scrapbooking" items that ended up being filled with all of these goodies:
{all of the items before tearing them open and crafting --
how freaking adorable, am I right?!}

They have over four different types of "journals" to choose from. I myself got the "pretty style" but others include "eco" or "retro" which are other great options. The pages are filled with random drawings, cardstock in different print, and different "titles" -- it's more or less an organizer for your life rather than a day-to-day planner with calendars. I posted some photos of the pages below:
{the bottom right photo is one of the pockets I bought --
comes in a set of four & you can glue them in with the
attached glue stick! & of course I added the cute polka-dot tape!}

The great thing about this company is that a ton of accessories come with it (well not with the book, but for the book you can buy separately)....and if you don't already know, I have a slight problem when it comes to accessories. You can buy tabs, post-its, pockets, and other items to make this "planner" your own....and all of them are so damn cute. I chose some solid tabs, others with designs, and two straps that keep the book compact when in your bag.....this is how mine looks when closed:
{I chose to use the black&white closing strap -- 
OH and those are my keys for my classroom....also cute.}

SO how is this book unique? Well, I wrote on a bunch of different tabs, glued them in with the pen/glue stick that comes with your chosen style of journal and made it entirely my own. I even took a piece of paper from the "pad" I bought for it and made a nice little label on the inside:
{very circus-like, love the old-timey feel!}

I chose to create tabs for things I always tell myself I will write down.....but never do. What is that you may ask? Well, an exercise page, a section for books I want to read, an "important" things to do page, and even a goals page that I have been meaning to start fo'eva now! Some of those pages look like this:
{tabs include sayings like "exercize is power" and "2 read is 2 learn" --
love how you can write whatever you want for the tabs!}

So, like I said, this is the planner/journal/organizer for the gal who already has a day-to-day calendar -- OH, and I should note that I found all of this at Michael's Craft Store after seeing it at Jo-Anne Fabrics first and it was cheaper AND 20% off......meaning ALL of the goods you saw in the first photo were $24 total. YES. I kid you not, of course, because that would just be mean.
The 20% deal runs until the 20th of February at my local Michael's, so you should run (not walk) to the closest one to you and grab these goods! I plan on going this weekend again to get even more tabs and fun items for my book.
If you decide to do the same, please post photos and let me know! I was beyond excited to bring all of my items home to make my customized book and I hope you have just as much fun with yours :)

It should go without saying, but this is not a sponsored post. I was just that excited about this new find! If you're more of an online type, check out this site to search for your own goods ;) ALSO check out their blog for some ridiculously awesome inspiration on how others have made their SMASH books entirely unique to them! (It is truly amazing....)

Until next time, I'm going to go and write down goals or draw some awesome doodles, have yourself a fantastic weekend................


  1. Oh my god. When we used to go to Tokyo, I would spend *literally* hours in their stationery stores, drooling over stuff. I haven't been there in years, but this post was EXACTLY what I needed to fulfill that craving.

  2. Ahhh I love your new planner/organizer thing! I seriously need to go check these out at Micheal's. I LOVE your key chain too! I'm going to school to be a teacher, I can't wait until I finish school & finally start working.

  3. I love this!! I really wanna get out now haha

  4. This stuff is so cute! What a great way to make a planner your own! I am loving the polka dot tape! I am seriously going to Michael's today to pick some up!

  5. that looks awesome! i wish the nearest Michael's wasn't 2 hours away from me .. :)

  6. Oohh! I just love this! I am a total planner/notebook junkie. When mine runs out I think this might have to be my next purchase! The black and white strap and polka dot tape is really cute. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. That looks great! I love stuff like this - I love school supplies and office supplies...I might have a problem. But at least I know I'm not alone!


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